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Apex Court concern for democratic decency and Rahul’s ‘idea of India’

Most of the newspapers have buried the apex court observation on Rahul Gandhi slur on Modi surname and the court suggestion to ‘a person in public life’ in their insignificance interior of the story limiting to few words as if political decency has no role in 21st Century democracy.

West Bengal political violence: An examination of AITC’s controversial legacy

While, there is a speculation that at least 500 BJP workers have been killed after 2018, there is a lack of proper evidence as the state is under totalitarian regime with a state supporting police force with no accountability.

ABVP के 75 साल: छात्र आंदोलन और राष्ट्रीय सशक्तिकरण की एक प्रतिष्ठित विरासत

अखिल भारतीय विद्यार्थी परिषद् (अभाविप) ने आपातकाल के दौरान एक महत्त्वपूर्ण संघर्ष किया। आपातकाल भारतीय इतिहास की एक अंधेरी घटना थी, जिसके दौरान न्यायप्रियता, मुक्त विचार और लोकतंत्र की प्रणाली को धीरे-धीरे नष्ट किया गया।

2024 elections: Can Congress party make a comeback?

The party has attempted to rejuvenate itself and present Rahul Gandhi as the primary challenger to Narendra Modi, but these efforts have largely been unsuccessful.

India is not a political toy of Rahul Gandhi

Barack Hussain Obama, the ex-President of USA, was recently inspired by Rahul Gandhi and expressed his agenda-driven concern about phantom-sufferings of Indian Muslim minority community.

The martyrs of Galwan: Honoring the bravery and sacrifice of India’s heroes

The Galwan Valley clash of June 15, 2020, showcased the extraordinary bravery and unwavering courage of the Indian Army in the face of a formidable adversary.

दुनिया, मतदाता और विपक्षी चश्मे से मोदी कैसे दिखते हैं!

विपक्षी दल की इच्छा है कि मोदी हार जाए. इच्छा से तो चुनाव का नतीजा नहीं निकलता है. इच्छा तो जनतंत्र में मतदाता की चलती हैं. क्या मतदाता चाहता है कि मोदी हार जाए? इसका जबाब हाँ में मिलता तो नहीं दिखाई दे रहा हैं.

The epic elections of 2024

For the last 9 years, the fate of India changed within itself and around the world.

A closer look at home: Does the Congress need to reflect internally?

The Congress has attempted to malign Savarkar’s reputation on various occasions by referring to him as a pro-colonialist on account of the abovementioned petitions for clemency written by Savarkar during his time at the Cellular Jail in Andaman.

Rahul Gandhi defamation row: Is the ‘Modi’ government becoming autocratic?

The Rahul Gandhi case has proved that the contemporary politics is not moving in the direction in which our nationalist leaders envisaged where the opposition is not able to present any challenge to the leading party

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