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The epic elections of 2024

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Shitiz Srivastava
Shitiz Srivastava
A Filmmaker, Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Columnist, Vlogger, Pubic Speaker, a Right Winger and an avid Modi Supporter.

There is without a doubt extreme amounts of optimism everywhere about the future of India. In the last 9 years, we have seen a rise in respect, trust, and brand of India among other countries of the world. It is not something that cannot just be documented and read but it is something that one can feel and compare when one thinks about the past and present.

It was all about the powerful leadership of someone of the caliber of Modi to think about India first and everything else later. We never got a leader with such austere and selfless love for the nation.  

With Narendra Modi, India got that leadership.

For the last 9 years, the fate of India changed within itself and around the world.

India got the most powerful payment system in the name of UPI, a new tax regime; gas, and electricity everywhere in the poor homes; new road infrastructure built at a rapidly fast rate; living facilities and employment for the poor. Clean, better, and fast railways, double the number of airports and change in the outlook of the foreign market to look at India as an alternative to China and a global market.

Technology has been boosted to new levels. Indian software engineers are the highest paid and fastest to get employment anywhere in the world. Most of the top companies like Google, Microsoft, Adobe, etc., and, many more have CEOs of Indian Origin.

We have got more than 100 unicorns during this tenure. Finally, the youth has started looking for career options other than government, IITs, IIMs, and Medical jobs. The horizon has broadened up.

Despite the demonetization and the Covid pandemic, there was still a rise in Indian GDP. The rise of world ranking to the fifth position beating the United Kingdom, a country that once ruled India, and a country whose current head of state is an Indian named Rishi Sunak, a Hindu by religion, and son-in-law of Narayan Murthy, founder of Indian tech giant Infosys’s.

It appears that we are going in the right direction in all directions.

But the most crucial question that is being asked today can be –

What would happen in 2024? Will there be a return of Modi or will there be a power imbalance?

There is no doubt as of now of the popularity of Modi in India. With recent winnings in North East elections and with no strong face from the opposition, it appears Modi will easily win the next Lok Sabha elections.

The question is whether he will gain a majority or whether there will be some kind of strong opposition as the entire opposition has now started a campaign to stand together against the juggernaut called Modi.  

The public understands the ulterior motives of the opposition, which is not just to oust Modi but to remove him for their personal benefit rather than the benefit of the poor people.

If Modi wins the elections in 2024, there will be definitely more progress which India would see in the coming years.

The 2024 election in India is not the only election that is going to bring huge turmoil in the world of politics. There is the Presidential election for the top post in the United States as well.

There are chances Biden has to say goodbye to the coveted post considering his handling of the Russia-Ukraine war and the dwindling of the US economy.

It can’t be judged today whether Biden has been a good President or not, but surely he has not been a President who embellishes a Superpower like the United States.

With his dull speech-delivering skills, lazy personality, and old age, he lacks the dynamism and charismatic personality like Obama who would get away with anything. With his sober looks, calculated personality, educated charm, and polite demeanor of speaking, he had won the hearts of Americans like a rock star for two elections. He would have made it to the third term if there was a provision for it in the US constitution.

There is also a huge chance that the previous President Trump might make a comeback. With the rise in right-wing politics all over the world and citizens of the US frustrated over the Ukraine War, which had nothing to do with the United States directly but may have an over involvement in it, there appear chances that States will vote for the person who would resist sending their people on war ground to die for a war which is not even on their turf.

Trump has already started his campaign aggressively all across the United States.

With all that, there is a tremendous impact on the world economy as well. The world economy is suffering from the European wars, however, Asian countries are taking huge advantage of it and becoming more powerful. There is nothing wrong with that. It was supposed to happen sometime and finally, the time has come.

There is a power shift that can be easily seen and felt. With the rise of China as a major superpower and an equivalent to the United States in power and finance, there has already been a power imbalance; first since 1992, after the Russian disintegration happened and weakened Russia.

The economies of countries who were developing nations are increasing multifold day by day.

Indian Economy is getting investments from all sides as India too is emerging as a major power hub of Asia. India has a huge population and thus has a huge consumer base.

An American YouTuber, who is a chef by profession gets ten times more views when he shares the recipe for an Indian recipe than the recipe of any other country.

Lots of small-time YouTubers from the US are making reaction videos on the Indian blockbuster movie RRR to gain more views, simply because Indians, especially from South India take extreme pride in their own culture and films. It results in massive traction on otherwise unknown channels.

This is also happening because the Internet is quite cheap in India compared to other countries. Everyone has a smartphone in their hands and everyone is a potential consumer of heaps of content online.

Indian labor may not be cheaper than in China but is more skilled at less cost which makes it a perfect combination of value and money.  

With the help and motivation from the Government, a lot of countries that other powerful countries overlooked earlier are now investing in India.

The economy will get a boost from manufacturing projects which have started with rapid speed in India.

The manufacturing units which are getting installed in India by Apple and other companies will be functional within a year or two, increasing the manufacturing power of India manifolds.

More manufacturing means a higher export-to-import ratio which is a huge sign for the rise of the GDP of a country. With this rate, hopefully, India will achieve its ambition of 5 trillion economies sooner than expected. 

Sometimes it appears as if everything is happening for the betterment of India and is aiding to make India a superpower. With a nation-loving government at the center and the Russian-Ukraine war at one corner of the world, India is benefitting from everything.

India’s stand on Russia Ukraine war is a huge win for diplomacy. Not just India benefitted from it, but it also proclaimed in front of the world that it cannot be subjugated on the basis of morals, ethics, and, values which are missing from the countries that point fingers at India.

When the talk about world relations starts there is one topic that cannot be escaped. The topic of India and Pakistan. The topic brings an immense amount of moolah to the cricket boards and is a reason for the livelihood of every terrorist in Pakistan for years.

After all these years, it should have been established that there can be no friendship between India and Pakistan. There has never been an instance of two countries that fought with each other, had different ideologies, and later became friends forever. Peace can only be maintained when the countries in dispute decide to live within themselves unbothered about each other.  

Peace will never happen between India and Pakistan and one shouldn’t sit in the optimism of hoping it would ever happen. Pakistan refuses to learn from its past mistakes and is now facing a dire economic crisis. There is no country that would help them now because countries help only those countries whom they can expect anything in return. There is no expectation of a return of any kind from Pakistan.

In between all this, India and Modi have become synonymous with each other.

With the promise of the inauguration of Ram Janam Bhoomi by the year’s end, the implementation of the Uniform Civil Code, and reclaiming POK; the BJP under Modi has lots of promises to fulfill from their manifesto. Looking at their track records, it appears they will fulfill it too.

2024 is not just an election but the future of India in the hands of the voters. One can just hope that the country makes the right decision.

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Shitiz Srivastava
Shitiz Srivastava
A Filmmaker, Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Columnist, Vlogger, Pubic Speaker, a Right Winger and an avid Modi Supporter.
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