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Narendra Modi's development politics

सोशल इंजीनियरिंग के साथ मिली जिम्मेदारी, बेहतर आउटपुट की है मंत्रियों से उम्मीद

जिस प्रकार से कंप्यूटर-लैपटॉप में पुराने सॉफ्टवेयर को अपडेट किया जाता है, यह विस्तार एक तरह से उसी प्रकार का है।

How dare you, Modiji?

I hope the people of India realise this too, and punish you again in 2024 to become our PM with a bigger mandate than that of 2019.

7 years of Modi: Modi may not be perfect but his critics continue to fantasize in their imperfection

This is a much more transparent government than any other, and the government under Modi has probably done the most for poor people and inclusive development.

George Soros: An outsider, who is financially supporting “Anti-Indian Community”

George Soros who has openly stated that he is against Modi and BJP's ideology of making India a developed country. His major target is HINDUS.

Hatred against PM Modi is what Amish Kapoor’s the Guardian article is all about

The Amish Kapoor and Left thinkers' ignorance have been buried long back. It is time to make India stronger and safer. This is what the Central Vista Project represents.

Why BJP failed in West Bengal & what it can do now

Modi-Shah did not know that a good proportion of Hindu Bengali of West Bengal would prefer to align with Muslim Bengali of Bangladesh than with Hindus of Bihar and UP.

राष्ट्रवादियों की सरकार के 7 वर्ष पूर्ण होने पर जानिए 7 उपलब्धियां

सरकार के सात साल पूरे होने पर आइए जानते हैं ऐसे ही सात फैसलों के बारे में, जिन्होंने न सिर्फ सुर्खियां बटोरी बल्कि हर भारतीय पर असर डाला।

Don’t do anything, Mr. Modi because India is used to of being ruled by those who want to do NOTHING

They don't like Modi doing anything. Why? Because Modi is building a legacy and he is trampling over the only previous legacy in India - that of the one family and party that has ruled India by and large.

Let us make ourselves count: We can make this nation great and Modi is with us!

It would be a mistake to think that it's the hatred for Modi that such arguments are cropping up now. No. Actually, Modi is standing in for all of us, the entire lower strata of the society, the subalterns.

Crisis-hit India needs advisers with clean image and expertise

Ramchandra Guha blames PM Modi not listening to the expert unlike Congress Prime Ministers. Lets see what would have been different had Nehru and Indira Gandhi would really have listened to the experts.

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