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Narendra Modi's development politics

Privatization: A bane to the “Idea of India”

Protests against privatization are just one piece of the puzzle. But it is necessary to see the importance of this step, to both the people who love India, and to those who love the idea of India.

Why is the BJP losing its ground in Delhi state politics?

Kejriwal is for Delhi, what Modi is for India. Among several crucial factors, the paucity of a credible opposition face is a reason Modi sweeps India in the polls.

खेला होबे या विकास होबे

मोदी जी का कहना है कि, ‘सबका साथ, सबका विकास, सबका विश्वास ‘ यही भारत के विकास के मूलमंत्र हैं। भारत की राजनीतिक पार्टियां इन नारों को आत्मसात कर ले, तो किसी प्रकार की खेला खेलने की जरूरत न होगी।

Independence @ 75- Prime Minister Modi’s leadership qualities

Narendra Modi yet again makes India shine by commemorating India’s 75 years of Independence.

Nationalism, pitched well, can emerge as a powerful nudge: India is showing, how?

Let us see how nationalism in the recent times has received traction, with a strong intent for mass persuasion and influence in the matters of governance and political action.

Modi and an Atmanirbhar Bharat are a match made in heaven

M Modi has had a track record of achieving it in Gujarat. A business-friendly government led by PM Modi combined with a low-corruption regime is the best shot we have got.

Recurring protests: A double-edged sword for the opposition

By protesting on nearly everything, with every protest ultimately aimed at defaming India at the international stage, disrupting the life of commoners, destruction of property, and a tirade against Hindus, the sympathy of the fence-sitters gradually shifts to Modi.

षड्यंत्र (सत्ता के लिये)

इस षड्यंत्र की शुरुआत हुई 2014 से। जब देश को अपने बापों की जागीर समझने वाले राजनीतिक घरानों और सबसे महत्वपूर्ण उन राजनीतिक घरानों पर अपनी वोट की एकता का दबाव डालने वाले तथाकथित अल्पसंख्यक समुदाय और उन अल्पसंख्यकों को राजनीति संरक्षण देने के लिये सत्ताधारी राजनीतिक घरानों को धन देने वाली विदेशी ताक़तों को एक अप्रत्याशित (unexpected) झटका लगा।

प्रधानमंत्री रोजगार योजना में ₹5 लाख लोन के लिए आवेदन कैसे और कहा करें

प्रधानमंत्री रोजगार योजना के तहत पात्र लोगों को अधिकतम 25 लाख रुपये तक का बिजनेस लोन मिलता है। हालांकि सबसे बड़ी शर्त यह है कि बिजनेस प्रोजेक्ट में निवेश होने वाले धन का 10 प्रतिशत हिस्सा खुद कारोबारी को अपने स्तर से लगाना होता है।

Arnab Goswami, article 370, triple talaq et al: What the youth has to learn

As a 24 year old I am convinced that for our country to grow and prosper, we need to learn from our history, protect, promote our heritage, celebrate and be proud the culture we belong to, believe in the civilization we come from and most importantly keep challenging the status quo which entails questioning wrong practices and have the gumption to change them.

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