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Narendra Modi's development politics

Intention is good, but why not implementation?

there’s a call for superior coordination between special entities, NGOs , community, civil society, and govt in formulating public policy to ameliorate the transparence, effectiveness and excellence of scheme or policy.

Annamalai and mayhem days of DMK

Annamalai needs complete support of central leadership of BJP as he has brought severe cracks in the politics of DMK and soon the foundation of DMK is going to fall, therefore Annamalai and all those who support him are at the negative list of DMK.

सशक्त होती भाजपा के परिपेक्ष्य में समर्थकों की राह

आवश्यक होगा कि भाजपा के समर्थक ही भाजपा पर सकारात्मक दबाव बनाएं। मौलिक रूप से समर्थन और विषय विशेष पर आलोचना का मंत्र अपनाएं। जिससे इनके निचले स्तर के नेताओं के दिमाग ठिकाने रहें।

Aggression, anger and Annamalai IPS, must for Tamil Nadu politics

Like Modiji, Annamalai is seen by the people of Tamil Nadu as a leader of transformation and not as yet another political person doing political discourse for power.

Politics of Annamalai may be new to RSS but necessary for TN

BJP and RSS must provide full support to Annamalai and also everyone who voice against DMK, so that more people will come to surface to support BJP.

चुनाव आयोग कब राजनीतिक दलों को मर्यादा का पाठ सिखाएगा

राजनीतिक दल एक-दूसरे को सदाचार का पाठ तो पढ़ाते रहते हैं, मगर खुद उस पर कितना अमल करते हैं, अगर यह देखना हो तो चुनावों के समय उनका आचरण देखना चाहिए.

Progress of AP is possible only with BJP

Since 2014 after coming to power Modi government has been putting all measures to propel growth of AP. PM Modi visit to AP signifies the development done and to be done by central government in AP.

नरेंद्र मोदी के गतिशील शासन के तहत महिला सशक्तिकरण का प्रतिबिंब

भारत में, व्यापार, राजनीति, चिकित्सा, खेल और कृषि सहित कई व्यवसायों में महिलाओं का उदय हुआ है।

Yogi Adityanath: A self-hero of a stream of politics

The political Hindutva identity with which Yogi Adityanath is associated and with the huge public support behind what he himself has created, the yogi will never be defeated.

‘Hindutva’ and Narendra Modi’s India

It is not for nothing that some say that independent India has got the first Indian Prime Minister in Modi.

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