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India – Key player in “BRICS political parties plus dialogue” summit

There is a paradigm shift in the perception of India at a global level. This is only due to efforts of Narendra Modi government internally and externally.

Progress of AP is possible only with BJP

Since 2014 after coming to power Modi government has been putting all measures to propel growth of AP. PM Modi visit to AP signifies the development done and to be done by central government in AP.

The progressing India under progressive leader- From fragile five to top five

“Reform, Transform and Perform”- PM Narendra Modi. India overtakes UK and becomes fifth largest economy.

Jinnah Tower- The peculiar case of not unfurling and then unfurling national flag

No patriotic Muslim would ever stand with such decisions of not allowing to unfurl national flag near Jinnah tower on republic day or naming tower after Jinnah. Communal harmony is being disrupted and anti-national attitude is being developed due to Such ridiculous and inappropriate actions of majority of political parties like Congress or YSRCP or TDP or Leftist parties.

This budget is a booster “Made for India” and to “Make in India”

The budget is estimated at Rs.39.45 lakh crores. Allotment to various sectors was done mainly aimed at job creation & welfare of poor. Fiscal deficit was pegged at 6.4%.

Congress government in Punjab has endangered Prime Minister and also the entire nation

Punjab congress government was in collusion with the protesters in the pre-planned conspiracy.

Rise of legal age of marriage for women – The need and implications

Globally women still do not have equal opportunities and representation in various fields. In India a lot of reforms were made for women. Still, there is discrimination and under representation of women in various fields.

Restoration of glory of Sanathan Dharma and true narration of history of Bharat by PM Modi

“For Every Aurangazeb, there has been a Shivaji”- One of the most powerful & meaningful statements reflecting the history of world’s most ancient civilization...

The efforts of Modi government for women empowerment – Big push through reforms in MSME sector

Sri. Narendra Modi ji after becoming Prime Minister has emphasized and launched several schemes to solve the problems faced by women for several decades even after independence.

The extra ordinary journey of an ordinary patriot from Pracharak to Prime Minister

Modi has to face several challenging circumstances which he faced with undeterred courage.The most important quality to become a leader.

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