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The extra ordinary journey of an ordinary patriot from Pracharak to Prime Minister

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh

“Success should flow like water through rocks” – Life of Sri. Narendra Modi is a perfect example for this. Coming from a very humble back ground he became the prime minister of world’s largest democracy. It is no easy task to reach heights in Indian politics which is dominated by dynasty, caste & monetary influence. No Indian would have ever imagined about a simpleton like Modi becoming Prime Minister. He is the first Prime Minister born after independence of India and the first non-congress person to become PM with full majority in Lok Sabha. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) had a major role in influencing Modi, his character & his growth. He became ideal Pracharak of RSS. There are some qualities of Modi which are important for success in any field.


Modi has to face several challenging circumstances which he faced with undeterred courage.The most important quality to become a leader.

  • Modi was introduced to RSS at a very young age of 8 years as Bala Swayam Sevak (junior cadet). RSS inculcates the readiness to face any situation bravely & Modi had that.
  •  In 1975 during emergency at the age of 25 he bravely led agitations against government to protect democracy.
  • In 2001 there was earth quake in Gujarat, administration was not proper and the image of Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP) government was not good. Under such challenging circumstances Modi became CM of Gujarat in 2001.
  • Within months of becoming CM of Gujarat, Modi has to face another challenge in the form of “Godhra riots”-communal riots which spread across Gujarat.
  • Subsequently, he also had to steer ahead Gujarat state amidst financial challenges. In 2013, his Prime Minister candidature for BJP was objected by many leaders of various political parties, including own party BJP, and various organizations.
  • When Modi became PM in 2014, India was in top 5 fragile economies with a higher fiscal deficit and higher inflation.PM Modi has to face prejudiced, deliberate, false propaganda like religious intolerance, from opposition parties, biased media & so-called liberals.
  • In 2020, soon after becoming PM for second time, another global challenge in the form of corona affected India also endangering lives and economy.

In all above circumstances Modi stood forefront with a stable mind and courage.

Hard work

Hard work never fails. This is one more great quality which everyone in any field needs for achieving success. Modi had this hard-working nature from childhood.

  • Modi was born in to an ordinary family. As a kid Modi used to sell tea at railway station helping his father.
  • He became full time RSS worker by 21 in 1971 and later Pracharak.
  • In 1975 in emergency, Modi worked very hard. He was assigned to BJP by RSS in 1985.
  • He played an important role in Rath Yatra in 1990.
  • He worked very hard at ground level planning various strategies, grew in party and became general secretary in 2001.
  • Progress of Gujarat is an example of hard work, diligence, administration and acumen of Narendra Modi.
  • As a CM Modi brought several reforms, steering the state from crisis to economic growth. Under the tenure of CM Narendra Modi Gujarat had significant progress in various sectors of agriculture, industries, solar energy and tourism. He took several measures to improve Ease of Doing business in Gujarat, attracting maximum investments and making Gujarat investment hub.
  • After serving 3 time successfully as CM of Gujarat for 13 years Modi became PM candidate of BJP for 2014 elections. In 2014 general elections Modi led BJP got full majority in Lok Sabha with 282 seats, first time for any party since 1984 and first time for a non-congress party.
  • India witnessed development in all fields from 2014 to 2019. It is not exaggeration that there might not be a single citizen who did not get benefits launched by Modi government. In 2019 general elections, BJP led by Modi recorded a second consecutive victory increasing seats from 282 to 303.
  • During crisis times like Covid-19, Modi personally supervised minute things. He interacted with doctors, scientists and even patients. He monitored personally covid vaccine production centers. Modi govt took several measures to save lives and economy.


Is there any leader who has not taken a single day leave in his tenure of 20 years as CM and PM? The answer is Modi. This is just one example of dedication of Narendra Modi.

He has undeterred dedication in

  • Upholding values of RSS
  • Implementing principles of BJP
  • Strengthening BJP party at all levels
  • Building a New India – To make “Vishwa Guru”
  • Making sure that every Indian citizen should flourish – “Sabkaa Saath, Sabkha Vishwas”

The results are visible

  • Gujarat became role model of development in entire country.
  • Modi government fulfilled long standing promises of BJP like Abrogation of article 370 &35A, Integration of Kashmir, Removal of Triple Talak, Building Ayodhya Ram Temple and bringing Citizenship Amendment Act.
  • Enacting and Implementing Goods and Services Act
  • Indian economy changed from most fragile to fastest growing economy after Modi became PM.
  • Several schemes were launched for the welfare and empowerment of citizens.
  • There is a lot of development of infrastructure
  • India has become the 2nd most favorable destination for manufacture.  


Modi imbibed the basic principle of RSS – Patriotism to the core.

  • In emergency times Modi ji bravely fought against dictatorial regime of Indira Gandhi. He helped in raising funds for political refugees and created safe houses for them. He was very active in protesting against emergency.
  • Not caring the death threat of terrorists, Narendra Modi along with senior leader Sri. Murali Manohar Joshi unfurled national flag in Laal chowk, Kashmir on republic day,1992 after genocide of Kashmiri Pandits.
  • Modi adapted a zero-tolerance policy on terrorism much contrary to his predecessors. Terror activities were handled with iron fist as evident by the surgical strikes of 2016 in retaliation to Uri terror attack. In 2019, Ariel strikes happened on terror hideouts in Balakot, Pakistan.
  • True patriotism is also reflected by the actions of promoting “Make in India” initiative with efforts like “Atma Nirbhar Abhiyan”, “MUDRA”, “STANDUP-INDIA”, “SKILL- INDIA” etc. to make India “Vishwa Guru” – world leader.


This is probably the most important quality of Narendra Modi which no other politician can match. Corruption is a common feature of Indian Politicians. Here is a leader under whose tenure of 20 years as CM and PM there was not a single scam.

Modi said and stood up to his words “Na Khaoonga, Na khane doonga”– “I will not eat or allow others to eat”

Even hard-core critics or opposition leaders accepted the fact that Modi was, is and always will be honest.

Own siblings of Modi work for their livelihood and lead simple life.

People of India saw a different leader who was working with utmost honesty for welfare and development of every Indian and gave a bigger result second time.

Balanced State of Mind

It was not an easy path for Modi ji. He has to face obstacles in the party and also outside. Due to frictions with other party leaders, he took a hiatus from politics in 1992, returning in 1994.

With great success comes great attention and this was responsible for the unnecessary and false allegations which he has to face many times. The more successful he became, the more active was the false prejudiced propaganda.

He turned every brick-bat into a brick for his growth. He worked harder with a balanced mind. Resulting actions were replies to such malicious propaganda. From being rejected American visa to getting invited for US presidential campaign shows the work and dedication of Modi.

He had such a balance in handling all such criticisms, hardships and obstacles which is much needed for any one in life.

Emotional Connectivity

Narendra Modi has a strong emotional connectivity with needs and sentiments of India. This is reflected in decisions, policies and actions of Modi government.

  • Was there any leader of nation who ever even thought about problems faced by women due to lack of toilets, gas stoves and tapped water and addressed the issues?
  • Modi coming frum humble ground understood problems of women and launched schemes like UJWALA, Swach Bharath, Sukanya Samruddhi Yojana, Beti Bachao – Beti Padhao , Jal se Nal , Jan Dhan accounts for welfare of women.
  • Modi wanted the Indian farmers to have respect and better income. To realize this goal several schemes like PM Kisaan Samman Nidhi, PM Krishi Sanchai Yojana, Kisaan credit cards, kisaan rail, etc. were launched by Modi government.
  • The role of Modi government is crucial in getting Yoga international recognition and in the announcement of 21st June as “International Yoga Day”
  • As a PM, he celebrated every Diwali with Jawans in the harshest extreme climates at borders.
  • Probably he is the only PM who spoke personally and stood with scientists and sports persons in both failures and successes.
  • Modi invoked the legacies of several national leaders like Sardar Valla Bhai Patel, Chatrapathi Shivaji, Vidya Sagar, Ambedkar, Gandhi, Swamy Vivekananda in every possible situation.
  • Being PM also Modi embraced Indian culture and rich heritage like no leader has ever done before. He never hesitated to follow the traditions of faith he follows- Hinduism publicly also.

Saint, Sanghi, Sevak and Statesman

Modi is undoubtedly the most successful, popular, hardworking and dedicated Prime minister India has ever got. India made significant progress in all fields under Modi government. Most importantly, the benefits reached the needy and deprived. Indian culture and heritage were given utmost respect. The borders were secure and terror activities declined. He was able to change the perception of India internationally in all aspects. On occasion of his 71st birthday “Seva Samarpan Abhiyan” was launched by BJP karyakatas to serve people across country. A record over 2.5 crore doses of covid 19 vaccine were given on September 17th marking birthday of Modi.

Modi is a saint who dedicated his life to service of people selflessly.

Modi is a sanghi -A perfect RSS Pracharak & patriot.

Modi is a sevak -Pradhan sevak of every Indian.

Modi is a statesman-With unparalleled hard work who held nation high.

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State Executive Committee Member, State Media Panelist , State In-Charge for Policy & Research ,Mahila Morcha BJP Andhra Pradesh
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