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Nation with Narendra Modi

Netaji statue, a well-deserved, belated recognition

Putting up a granite statue in place of where George V once stood (unbelievably till 1968) is a considerable step in recognition of the role of Netaji Subash Bose in the fight for freedom of India. Thank you, Modiji.

Should PM Modi resign due to non performance?

All these proves that Modi is a failure but opposition leader RaGa is great and performing his duty using Twitter. RaGa should be India’s opposition leader for next two decades.

Namo leaves behind Nehru as world leader

The kind of hatred and animosity spread towards him by a section of the media has instinctively poured oil on the stomach of the pseudosecular gang and so they have started praising Nehru.

The extra ordinary journey of an ordinary patriot from Pracharak to Prime Minister

Modi has to face several challenging circumstances which he faced with undeterred courage.The most important quality to become a leader.

आखिर विपक्षि नेता हमारे प्रधानमंत्री श्री नरेन्द्र दामोदरदास मोदी जी से चीढते क्योँ हैं?

दुष्ट व्यक्ति दूसरे की उन्नति को देखकर जलता है वह स्वयं उन्नति नहीं कर सकता । इसलिए वह निन्दा करने लगता है और यही कार्य आज ये विपक्षि मिलकर कर रहे हैं।

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on independence day- A thought exercise

What do we expect in Prime Minister Modi's this year's speech amidst the gloomy times.

The Yugpurush- He comes once in an era

Just imagine if India was a 20 trillion dollar economy today with surplus vaccine and with this kind of empathetic leader, would the world have suffered so much as it did?

How dare you, Modiji?

I hope the people of India realise this too, and punish you again in 2024 to become our PM with a bigger mandate than that of 2019.

Faith & patience: Our strongest weapons to win this civilisational war

It is a battle between unequals, but history has shown that size, strength etc, are not at all guarantees for a victory & more often than than not, pride & ego leads to the downfall of the mightiest of mighty

7 years of Modi: Modi may not be perfect but his critics continue to fantasize in their imperfection

This is a much more transparent government than any other, and the government under Modi has probably done the most for poor people and inclusive development.

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