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Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on independence day- A thought exercise

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My dear fellow Indians,

Greetings and Good Wishes on the 75th Independence Day Celebrations. We have come far – but “we have miles to go before we rest”. And rest is one thing we do not have the luxury of indulging in. India is faced with extraordinary challenges on all fronts. The very security of India is under threat from across borders. While expressing my most sincere apologies for all the sins of omission and commision of the past- distant and recent- I stand before you resolute in announcing the following.

Sardar Patel’s letter on Tibet addressed to Nehru, written a month before the Sardar’s death in 1950, will be the corner stone for India’s China Policy. Sardar’s reading of Maoist China, prescient and true all the way through, has been ignored for too long and that oversight has cost us a lot. India allowed Tibet to be occupied by murderous maoist hordes. India played the cheer leader in providing international legitimacy to a homicidal maoist regime. India gave up her civilizational responsibility towards the spiritual traditions of Trivishatpa. And all India got in return is territorial occupation and maoist forces amassed at our borders baying for our blood.

India provided official sanction to One China policy in 2003. China raised the demand for inclusion of south Tibet (This is Maoist China’s name to the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh) to Tibet autonomous region in 2006. China’s five finger policy means the entirety of Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh are disputed territories. Mao and Zhou En LAi triggered the 62 war as a diversionary tactic to cover the 30 million starvation deaths that occured during Mao’s Great leap Forward. 4 million deaths world wide and counting have been recorded till date because of China Virus. Chinese Communist Party has initiated the Galwan conflict as a diversionary enterprise. We see these patterns. Successive Indian governments, for various reasons, have adopted a docile posture and failed to stand up for India’s interests. This stops now.

We welcome Taiwan into the international comity of free and democratic nations. India grants Full diplomatic status to Taiwan and requests it to establish a fully accredited embassy representing the free, independent and democratic republic of Taiwan in New Delhi. India will actively pursue and promote the expedited admission of Taiwan as a independent member of UN and affiliated bodies.

Tibetan people have suffered for long. India will champion the cause of Freedom for Tibet in all international fora. The Tibetan government based in Dharmashala is requested to establish a full fledged embassy in New Delhi to serve the requirements of Tibetans. I am saying this in the august presence of his Holiness the Dalai Lama who has always provided spiritual succor and direction to the needy. I, Narendra Damodardas Modi claim the heritage, courage and responsibility of Havildar (retd) Naren Chandra Das of 5 Assam Rifles and 6 of his brave colleagues, who, 61 years ago, received the Precious Protector and escorted him to the safety of Mother India.

Evil can win a battle, but the war will be won by the righteous. War clouds are looming. History is witness to autocratic regimes, espousing barbaric ideologies like Naziism and Communism, biting the dust. It will be no different in our neighbourhood. No good has ever been achieved nor saved without the spilling of righteous blood. India is ready for whatever comes next. Strength and fortitude alone gets us through bad times. I call upon every Indian to be a warrior in the service of Mother India. – Jai Hind

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