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Should PM Modi resign due to non performance?

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Indeed, Modi is not patriotic and should have resigned as per the wishes of some disgruntled NRI (around 10-12 communists, I presume) in London displayed a banner at London bridge on 15 August 2021 asking Modi to resign. They seems to have forgotten that India stopped taking instruction from London 74 years ago.

Looking at the performance of the government for last 7 years under Prime Minister Narendra Modi as appear in Indian media, there is doom and gloom all around. Modi still have change to resign due to non-performance but opposition leader ‘RaGa’ is so capable as opposition leader that he is forcing Modi to work hard for the country. RaGa, the ‘angry young man’ of Indian politics is often tweeting from his air-conditioned government house guiding Modi on how to perform on issues like preventing corruption, trade, economy, GDP etc. RaGa’s best friend is Twitter and using that he is driving the country as a back seat driver just like his mother managed to drive PM Dr. Manmohan Singh for 10 years without being PM! The result is amazing as reported by Indian media. Lets re-look at these reports –

1. Record food grain output despite farmers in part of north India’s ‘grain basket area’ are out on street for one year blocking highways and causing hardships to other fellow citizens, crores of economic losses, demanding removal of three agri laws passed by Parliament. RaGa is actively supporting this year long agitation along with CPM communists and the result is bumper crop harvest for this year.

Is agitating farmers are real or fake? If they are real, how come India’s bread basket Punjab and Haryana produces bumper crop amid farmer agitation. If they are fake, who is feeding their political agitation with free boarding, lodging and other benefits including money? Kejriwal, congress, CPM or all of them?

2. Record vaccination number is not because rapid ramp up of vaccine production after deadly second wave but mainly because few ‘selfless’ politicians who decided not to take vaccines (at least not in public) so that the vaccine can be given to other needy citizens of India. These politicians like RaGa, Mamata Banerjee etc. keen to appease their vote bank, are the reason for massive daily vaccination numbers. India’s vaccination numbers are way ahead of developed big country like USA by volume and can only be compared with China. But China’s data is always unreliable. So, is Chinese vaccine quality.

3. Stock market boom as market touch all time high and doubling investor wealth in 2021

4. Record Forex reserve of $ 600 billion (currently around $ 620 billion with current global ranking #4) and growing because RaGa is helping the government bringing back the black money from abroad. India currently has 16 months of forex reserve as compared to few weeks in 1991 when economic liberalisation started. Credit again goes to RaGa because he was too young to become PM that time after his father’s death and hence PV Narasimha Rao became PM who initiated economic reform.

5. Manufacturing competitiveness is improving as government launches ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’, ease of doing business schemes, PLI etc. and ranking improved globally as all big and small Indian states competing to make product competitive. India for the first time beat USA in manufacturing competitive index by becoming 2nd more competitive globally. Credit again goes to RaGa as he gave the idea of ‘potato-to-gold’ machine concept.

6. FDI is booming as Indian (this year global ranking #3) economy is appearing as one of the most promising after many countries started following ‘China plus one’ concept of shifting part of manufacturing and logistics away from China. This is mainly due to trade war with USA and pandemic related disruptions. During tense moment of Galwan clash with China’s PLA army, RaGa visited Chinese embassy as a goodwill gesture and hence his goodwill gesture with the adversary China is bringing record FDI into India.

7. When Modi government came to power in 2014, there were only two mobile manufacturing (or assembling) factory in India. This figure is now nearly 300 which is generating fairly good employment and import substitution. In current year 2021, exports of mobiles increased so much that it is more than import for the first time. RaGa criticised dominance of Chinese mobile brands in India and hence people started boycotting Chinese mobiles which helped India increase its mobile manufacturing locally.

8. India and Saudi Arabia were top defence products importer before 2014. Defence PSU’s and OFBs were symbol of slow inefficient system. Defence PSU’s and defence research organisations under DRDO made remarkable turnaround after 2014 and hence India’s defence export jumped 700% in last 2 years (2018-2020) and India is ranked 19th in terms of defence export country. Also, India’s arms import decreased by 33% between 2011-15 and 2016-20 as per SIPRI despite big ticket AS-400, Rafale, Chinook, Apache chopper etc. purchase. Still, miles to go but at least a fairly good beginning has been made. This may prove game changer, just like in a Cricket loving country, we have started playing Rugby which we never played earlier!

9. Exports are booming, trade is booming despite ongoing pandemic. RaGa’s international links especially in Italy is helping India export more and more.

10. For the first time, large start-up culture is coming up with young people having appetite for risk taking. This is complete deviation from previous preference of ‘sarkari jobs’ over risk taking start-up jobs. As per statistics, more than 80% start-ups fail in India but still there is no shortage of new start-ups. The motivation seems to be RaGa who is trying to rebuild the congress party from scratch! The result is, India having one of the highest number of unicorns or influential start-ups – 15 in 2021 compared to only 3 in China.

11. Patents listing growing exponentially as Whatsapp University educated Modi and his team registering fake innovations which promotes ‘Hindutya’ like cow-dung paint, cow-urine phenyl, performing yoga in freezing Ladakh etc.

12. Digital payments didn’t existed before 2014 except ATM and credit cards. In last 7 years more than 30 crore Indians are using mobile based payments like UPI gateway, PhonePay, Google Pay and PayTM. Credit again goes to RaGa as he indirectly promoted PayTM by saying PayTM means ‘Pay to Modi’.

13. Solar power has transformed Indian power scenario. It is cheap (developers selling power at Rs 2 per KWH) and becoming cheaper, renewable and environment friendly which led to much higher electricity availability as compared to 2014. Modi planning to electrify all villages, all train tracks and even expressways (wow!) with electricity operated transport. When Vajpayee government fell in 2004, India had more solar power generation (verify this if you have doubt) than China but in 10 UPA years, China’s solar power deployment and manufacturing went way, way ahead of India. For last 7 years, solar industry boom gave hope that India can become manufacturing hub for the future.

14. Expressways and Highways being built at a speed which was unthinkable few years ago. From 2 km per day to 16 km per day in 2014 to 38 km per day presently. The plan is to increase it to 100 km per day. Only Nitin Gadkari can do this! The credit for building expressways also goes to RaGa as he protested construction of Noida-Agra expressway in village Bhatta Parsaul of UP in year 2011 and courted arrest.

15. GST unified a complex web of taxes that existed earlier. In August 2021 month GST collection is 30% more than previous month. GST collection is now stabilizing above 1 lakh crore every month after a painful and chaotic rollout with confusion, server glitches and regular policy rollbacks. The success of GST is also because of RaGa as he once said GST means ‘Gabbar Singh Tax’.

16. Although Modi has not done any good work in last 7 years, RaGa praised him on his every foreign tour and hence Modi got ‘best global leader rating due to him. Modi is followed by leaders of Mexico, Italy, Germany, USA, Australia, Canada, UK, Brasil, South Korea, France, Japan etc. Surprisingly, China’s emperor is not in the list whom Indian libr@ndus admire most.

17. India’s Olympic medal tally at 2021 Tokyo was the best ever. While Modi government wasted money on ‘Khelo India’ sports event, TOPS (Target Olympic Podium Scheme) with monthly stipend, foreign coach etc. and Orissa government invested heavily in Hockey promotion and infrastructure, the real reason for bumper medal is due to Mamata Banerjee’s slogan of ‘Khela Hobe’ (game is on) just before the Olympics which not just helped her win state election but also motivated Olympic players to get more medals. Motivated with the success of ‘Khela Hobe’ slogan, she planned to do similar ‘khela’ across the country and so, Para Olympic Tokyo results were even better! India got 19 medals with 5 gold in Tokyo Paralympics and top 25 ranking which is more than 12 medals India won from 1968 to 2016. All credits to Mamata Banerjee’s slogan.

18. GDP bounced back with 20% plus quarterly growth. This may led to hype creation by Modi ‘bhakts’ just like -24% GDP fall in Q1 2021 (Apr 2020–Jun 2020) led to always pessimist communist, libr@ndus and congis to say that Modi is a failure, graduate from Whatsapp University. The reality is GDP growth is less than 2% since lockdown started from 23 March 2020 despite current and unprecedented shoot-up of 20% plus. This 2% is fairly good compared to other big economies and gives confidence that Indian can do and increase this high growth rate for few more quarter and achieve $ 5 trillion economy by end of 2024 as targeted by Modi.

All these proves that Modi is a failure but opposition leader RaGa is great and performing his duty using Twitter. RaGa should be India’s opposition leader for next two decades.

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