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Faith & patience: Our strongest weapons to win this civilisational war

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It is a battle between unequals, but history has shown that size, strength etc, are not at all guarantees for a victory and more often than than not, pride and ego leads to the downfall of the mightiest of mighty

HinduSthan‘ finally reclaimed its own rule only in May 2014, after a decisive mandate was delivered largely due to the galvanising of Hindus by one unifying force called Narendra Damodardas Modi. For those whom the magnitude of this watershed event isn’t yet clear, let me rephrase this: “We finally secured freedom from 550+ years of ‘foreign’ rule in May 2014”.

The last 65 odd years of this ‘foreign’ rule was extremely damaging and the period from 2004-14 was the darkest, given the unprecedented scale of religious, cultural, social, moral, financial and economic plunder. An extremely powerful alliance of Mullahs, Marxists and Missionaries along with a debauched and corrupt CONg literally rode roughshod over the Hindu majority. They even compromised India’s national security and lives of several Indians in their sinister designs to cripple Hindutva forever.

The arrival of NaMo on the national scene and his re-election with an even bigger mandate in 2019 has made this sinister opposition go for broke, because they have never been away from power for so long. NaMo is now the tallest leader on the horizon by a long long way and nobody even comes close.

However history has also shown that we have given away our seemingly invincible position to crafty opponents because we couldn’t remain united while in power. Usually power struggles are the main cause of disunity but in the current scenario that is not the case. The overwhelming majority accepts, albeit some reluctantly, that NaMo is the only alternative to take us to a glorious future. This reluctant group which is perhaps largely dominant on Social Media is a victim of its own unrealistic expectations from the Govt. These expectations perhaps stem from either their ignorance of complexities faced by the Govt., or their own overconfidence which trivialises these gargantuan complexities.

We start hyperventilating every time we feel that the Govt. has not acted as per our wish and some even start calling the PM names like spineless and mock his mandate of 303. However as much as our interests are honourable we seem to forget that NaMo is PM of India and not the proprietor of a family firm.

Let us take the recent issues of the high handedness of the Big Tech companies that refused to comply with new guidelines issued by the GoI MEITY. The deadline for compliance had elapsed and Govt. sent notices to these Big Tech to comply or lose their intermediary status. Around the same time Twitter was kicked out of Nigeria because it blocked the Nigerian President’s account. Immediately we started mocking our own Govt by creating false equivalences and even abused the PM and minister of MEITY, Shri R S Prasad.

A little careful thought before pressing the outrage trigger would have told us that such a move by GoI would have been totally disastrous and tantamount to playing directly into the hands of the Cabal because that is exactly what they want to achieve : Paint a picture that the Narendra Modi Govt is authoritarian, dictatorial, abhors free speech, anti minority etc etc and broadcast this to the world using its massive media resources. Moreover it would have given Twitter a chance to play victim which the LeLi (Left Liberal) Cabal has mastered by now.

By patiently staying on its position and sending repeated reminders to Twitter to comply with the new guidelines GoI demonstrated its sincerity to give Twitter multiple chances to work within the framework of the Indian laws. Meanwhile bigger companies like Facebook and YouTube duly complied and made Twitter’s position even more awkward because no matter what Twitter would put up in its defence, it was clearly looking like a petulant bully. We even laughed at the repeated notices sent by GoI MEITY, but the laughter was a reflection of our own ignorance and fueled by our own impatience.

The Govt’s resolute, calm, unflinching yet assertive position meant that Twitter’s expectation of getting the opponent to blink first was not going to work. A global bully who had the audacity to suspend the US President’s account was finally being cut to size in India. Imagine how difficult this feeling would have been for Jack Dorsey & Co to digest.

However the Govt was in a win-win position because had Twitter complied, all would be well and the scoreline would read: People of India – 1 vs Twitter – 0. On the other hand if Twitter wouldn’t comply, then it would lose its intermediary status and the scoreline would read exactly the same.

Eventually the latter happened and this was primarily due to Twitter’s king sized ego. The massive significance and potential consequence of this on Twitter was however lost on most people who were outraging. The loss of intermediary status meant that now Twitter would be liable for any content on its platform & could be made party to FIRs and lawsuits.

And as they say when ‘viparit buddhi takes over – the vinaash kaal starts’, the reluctance of Twitter to flag the Fake News outrage of Zubair, Rana Ayyub, Saba Naqvi and Co over the Loni incident as “manipulated media”, meant that Twitter was also included in the FIR registered by the UP Police against these fake news propagandists. 

These will be interesting times ahead for “The Bird” because  now any private citizen or Govt Body can file a complaint or suit against it as we just saw. And all this is only because of their own misplaced arrogance.

The board was perfectly played out for a smooth and precise “Check & Mate” and Twitter walked right into this blindsided by its “Pride & Ego” whereas GoI succeeded because of “Faith & Patience”: faith reposed by 100 Crore Indians & the unshakeable patience of Karmayogi PM Narendra Modiji.

This was just one example to drive home the fact that we must not doubt our leader’s intentions because Narendra Modi has not become the PM of India for personal gain. He is here only to restore the glory of ‘HinduSthan’ and undo the wrongdoings of the last 550 years.

Our “Golden Age” just begun so please don’t get impatient and complain that we are running out of time. That is factually incorrect. Impatience will only make us agitated, and an angry, agitated mind becomes incapable of rational thought, drives us towards losing faith in leadership and ultimately has us taking wrong decisions that help the opposition. Such decisions can prove fatal as we have seen in Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh etc.

So let us try our best to stay with the golden tools of “Shraddha Aur Saburi , i.e. Faith in God and our leader, and patience to see the eventual wisdom of both his ‘actions as well as silence’.


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