Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Biswadeep Banerjee

I am a thinker and a rebel at heart. I have worked for Wipro, IBM and now currently with Atos in my 17 years journey of IT career I have a passion in leadership and want to bring back ethics and values in business.

The Yugpurush- He comes once in an era

Just imagine if India was a 20 trillion dollar economy today with surplus vaccine and with this kind of empathetic leader, would the world have suffered so much as it did?

The return of political heroes

From a small ray of hope Narendra Modi has emerged as India's beacon of hope and a strong world leader.

Relevance of Netaji for 21st century leaders

t is more important now that we remember and celebrate this man’s achievements since we are in desperate need of great leadership in 21st century in every sector.

Reinventing 21st century leadership

A workplace where people feels valued and respected and secure. Numbers can provide us a target or goal to aim at, missing it should not be the end of the game since business unlike cricket or football does not end on time, its purpose is continuation and continual improvement.

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