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7 years of Modi: Modi may not be perfect but his critics continue to fantasize in their imperfection

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Alok Choudhary
Alok Choudhary
Columnist | Writes on Politics, Society, education | Nation first

It has been 7 years since PM Modi took charge as the prime minister of India in 2014, followed by a more tremendous avalanche victory in 2019 for the second consecutive terms. As the nation time and again has reposed its immense trust in PM Modi, there is no shred of doubt that we have accomplished a lot in these 7 years. This is a much more transparent government than any other, and the government under Modi has probably done the most for poor people and inclusive development. You can avail all real-time info about the performance of this government by clicking the dashboard at mygov portal. But, also, it would be incorrect to assume that everything went well in these 7 years. You can’t expect anyone to run a vast nation like India with total perfection. Despite his remarkable achievements, Modi may not appear entirely perfect, but the trends since 2014 show that those who love to criticize him are not even near perfection in mastering the art of criticism.

Here when I talk about the critics of Modi, I don’t feel the need to talk about the left cabal and their supported ecosystem because they don’t criticize Modi. They simply hate him for the reasons that would be best known to you if you examine the Islamo-left cabal since 2001 after Modi becoming CM of Gujarat for the first time ever. The Islamo-Left cabal and their supported ecosystem, which consist of some self-acclaimed eminent writers, historians, journalists, continue to hate him till date as part of their own vicious agenda. Starting from 2014 till date, this ecosystem is battling for its dominance and sheen lost under Modi’s India. They are no longer able to control the political discourse of India with their narrative like they use to hold before the rule of Modi. Their influence is now limited to a section of media and academic domains. However, even with their limited influence, they are still able to influence the mind of those who are the ordinary critics of Modi. Most of the critics of Modi are now slowly turning into haters, and many even put absurd arguments to oppose him. They are doing this under the influence of the same Islamo-Left cabal, which has been relentlessly working on the anti-Modi project for decades.

Rational criticism is good for and is need to keep any government under check, but today your encounter with any Modi critics would be seen as incomplete if you don’t listen to absurd arguments from their side. They have been put under a different world with a fairy tale that is often distant from the actual reality about the Modi government by our Islamo-left cabal. They have been conditioned in a way that if you try to show them the mirror of truth, their own fairy tale reality doesn’t allow them to accept it. On many occasions, while listing the so-called intolerance of Modi, they get intolerant and will soon declare you as ‘bhakts, fascists.’
Here is a sample conversation that I often encounter with Modi critics:

They: Modi government has taken over all the agencies and judiciary of India. No one tells the actual truth. I don’t believe them.

Me: I see.

They: Being a supporter of Modi, do you see that India is performing worst today among all other nations in handling the pandemic.

Me: How do you know this?

They: Don’t you see the news. Every day India is reporting lakhs of covid cases. Even Supreme Court also slammed Modi for his failure.

Me: But just now, didn’t you said that you don’t believe in any agency. Now, you are using the data given by our own agencies to conclude that India is performing poorly in covid. You are also citing the Supreme Court that is part of the same judiciary that you don’t believe.

They: Open your mind and eyes. You fascist Modi Bhakt. *Blocked*

The conversation mentioned above is just one instance. The critics simply to oppose Modi declare Election Commission and EVM machines as sold and hacked and is helping behind Modi’s victory. They perceive this as a threat to democracy, but in West Bengal, Delhi, they celebrate it as the victory of democracy against fascism when the opposition party wins.

They don’t believe the data on COVID given by health ministry but proudly write on their social media feed about Kerala and Delhi model showing a decline in cases from the same data. They are simply self-contradictory in opposing Modi tooth and nail. They live in their land of anti-Modi fantasies and speak based on their artistic imagination. They even believe that Mukesh Ambani runs the Modi government without offering any facts or shreds of evidence. In their perfection to anyhow paint Modi and his government as the devil, they are losing their natural perfection of criticism on real issues. But this is exactly what our Islamo-Left ecosystem want voters to become.

They want voters to believe that everything is at the sale under Modi’s India, and nothing could be believed. The whole democratic system of India is now sold if they are to be believed. However, they have not been able to put this malicious virus among a large section of voters. Some of our voters have fallen into their trap, losing their intellect in criticizing Modi, and this makes most of the Modi critics or say haters the most imperfect critics in the whole world and democracy.

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Alok Choudhary
Alok Choudhary
Columnist | Writes on Politics, Society, education | Nation first
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