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Following Narendra Modi’s historic visit, shall the US implement its South Asia policy through India?

By aligning with India, the United States can address common challenges, such as countering China's influence, promoting regional stability, combating terrorism, and expanding economic cooperation.

Tuberculosis control in Bharat during the COVID-19 pandemic: An international success story

Our team’s recent study has shown that – against all odds, Bharat has instead shown a major decrease in TB deaths since the emergence of COVID.

9 years of Modi: Achieving the Unachievable

India has changed in 9 years and Modi is the catalyst behind this change.

Parsing the drivel and the delirium-I

If India were to be under an alien yoke today, Rahul and his gaggle would probably be in some fashionable neighbourhood in London.

Their motive is to weaken Modi- Nupur Sharma case

BJP supporters have to understand BJP has bigger and multiple enemies to fight and that too in the interest of the nation, its population and Hindu religion off-course.

Liberals Attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Navratri Fasting

Rahul Gandhi has questioned how Modi can afford to eat only lemons for 9 days when the common man cannot afford to buy a single lemon.

Rejoinder to Chatham House column “Democracy in India”

This rejoinder tries to expose the biased analysis about “Democracy in India” by author Dr. Price who writes for London based eminent Think Tank Chatham House, otherwise known as Royal Institute of International Affairs.

The statue of equality: A tribute to the revolutionary legend

Statue of Equality also known as Samatha Moorthi is a 216ft statue of an Indian philosopher, the great saint Ramanuja Charya. He is a Vaishnavite, but to the world, he's known more as a social reformer than a devotee.

Rally Mukt Election: A delusion or a future reality?

h of digital media is rising exponentially, there is still a significant population outside its coverage, especially in backward areas of states like Uttar Pradesh.

Those who blocked the motorcade of PM held the dagger at Indian Democracy

The people who believe in maintaining Indian democracy must rally organized in each city to protest against political nexus to harm the Prime Minister or curtail his fundamental right of free speech to address a planned gathering.

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