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Liberals Attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his Navratri Fasting

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As lemon prices soar across the country, detractors of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi have started attacking him on his Navratri fasting. Narendra Modi fasts during nine days of Chaitri as well as Ashwin Navratris during which he consumes only water or lemon water for 9 days.

Rahul Gandhi has questioned how Modi can afford to eat only lemons for 9 days when the common man cannot afford to buy a single lemon. In another speech he said “Modi is squeezing lemons for his nutrition whereas the whole country is feeling squeezed by rising lemon prices.”

Some liberals have compared Modi with the French Queen Marie Antoinette for luxuriously exclusively consuming only lemons without any concern for the country’s poor. Journalist Sagarika Ghose said the fact that Modi only consumes lemons for 9 days shows that he is not inclusive. Her journalist husband Rajdeep Sardesai added “I have korma in morning, shrikhand for lunch and Old Monk at night. The right to food and drink of my choice is a freedom which I cherish and am unwilling to cede.” Meanwhile, The New York Times has come up with a headline “India’s Modi’s Navratri fast of feasting only on lemons leaves a sour taste in the mouth.” Meanwhile The Ashutosh tweeted “Why is the Modi only eating lemons during Ramazan. Will the Modi answer.”

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