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Their motive is to weaken Modi- Nupur Sharma case

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The Eco- system is not after Nupur, they have nothing to do with political rise or fall of Nupur Sharma, their target is to waeken Modi’s core supporters/voters and a politically weakened MODI means end of Nationalist era at the center subsequently leading to a turn around in 2024 elections and the eco system getting a hold of major offices of India.

The latest contoversy aroung Nupur Sharma’s remarks on a talk show, leading to protest by Arab Nations as well as domestic unrest in some cities and subsequntly BJP deciding to suspend Nupur Sharma from Party has created a storm among the core voters of BJP.

If one goes through the posts on social media it is no brainer that thousnads of BJP supporters if-fact lakhs are protesting against this move. Some calling it a cowardly act and in general showing their anger towards BJP top brass for their action.

Further one thing is leading to another and social media is full of stories of plight of Kashmiri pandits and recent killing in Valley, once again BJP on the receiving end as it is being presented as returm of 90’s era in Kashmir Valley that too when BJP is in power.

So lets understand what is the total deal about, If one watches the video of TV talk show one can realize that Nupur was constantly provoked and at one point she could not take any more insult of Hindu Gods and gave a counter reply and later issued an apology as well.

The BJP top Brass took the matter and after careful discussions has taken a decision which has not gone down well with BJP’s strong supporters.

So the question is who is fuelling this unrest on social media against BJP, its the same eco system that makes every issue as International challenge whenever there is an iota of hope to defame MODI even if it means defaming India. This time it seems that even the staunch supporters of BJP have fallen prey to their plank.

The fact of the matter is they want article 370 applied again, they don’t want any other major temple cconstructed, They do not want the country to know the actual history, they plan to continue to glorify Mughal rule, They want kick backs in all major projects, they want to corrupt regime back again, they are looking at Lutyen’s media being a big player in transfer/posting of core officers. This will satisfy the needs and wants of 500 influential Indians on cost of tax payers money, as it was the case before 2014.

In short the BJP supporters have to understand BJP has bigger and multiple enemies to fight and that too in the interest of the nation, its population and Hindu religion off-course. If the top brass has taken a decision they have their own reasonings for that and its time that BJP supporters stand firm with their leadership and do not fall in the trap of leftists or International groups who are always interested in India having a weak coalition government where they get fair share of profit and work on their long term agenda.

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