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Nupur Sharma

Religious intolerance pushes Muslims in India backwards

Lack of political sense, over emotional attachment to religion, surging religious extremism in the community, and most of all, by not recognizing the enemy within who always stops the community from being progressive, Muslims in India pushing them backwards.

Saad Ansari, thrashed and forced to recite Kalma, after posting in favor of Nupur Sharma; later arrested by police

Saad Ashfaq Ansari, a resident of Bhiwandi, was thrashed by the members of the Muslim community after his social media post, supporting Nupur Sharma, went viral.

Their motive is to weaken Modi- Nupur Sharma case

BJP supporters have to understand BJP has bigger and multiple enemies to fight and that too in the interest of the nation, its population and Hindu religion off-course.

Why protecting Nupur Sharma is the duty of every Indian who believes in the rule of law and democracy

It will be a colossal failure and shame for the modern nation of India if Nupur Sharma or her family gets harmed in any manner by the same ideological extremists. They are leaving no stone unturned to turn a lonely person to take revenge and be blessed in return.

Maha oppression: Who dare while others fly

Many cruel rulers and dictators used several tactics to contain resistance, by arresting, eliminating, and harassing all those who raised voice against them. History...

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