Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Sameer Jena

The author is a practicing lawyer based in Delhi.

Uniform Civil Code: An indispensable step towards gender justice in India

The debate on “one nation, one code” is going on in the country amid discussions on many other issues. The narratives seen in newspaper...

Waqf Act of 1995: Is this a law or UPA’s appeasement for vote banks?

In many villages, not only lands of common men but also Hindu temples come under WAQF board owned lands. Irony is- these temples are older than the existence of Islam!

Does India need a population control law?

instead of resorting to law, efforts should be made for population control by taking measures like awareness campaign, raising the level of education, and eradicating poverty.

Religious intolerance pushes Muslims in India backwards

Lack of political sense, over emotional attachment to religion, surging religious extremism in the community, and most of all, by not recognizing the enemy within who always stops the community from being progressive, Muslims in India pushing them backwards.

Maharashtra political crisis: What does the law say and what powers does Speaker have?

Maha Political Crisis: Can the dissident Shiv Sena legislators face proceedings under the anti-defection law, or do they have the numbers to evade this? Let’s look at what the law says in such political crisis.

Uniform Civil Code: the need of the hour

At a time when Assam, Uttar Pradesh, and some other BJP-ruled states are mulling over a common civil code and a five-member drafting committee...

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