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Maha oppression: Who dare while others fly

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Many cruel rulers and dictators used several tactics to contain resistance, by arresting, eliminating, and harassing all those who raised voice against them. History tells us– all of them failed. What we see in Maharashtra is oppression and attack of the worst kind on the free media. As though the daily summons, and countless FIRs on Republic TV were not enough, the Maha Police seems to have satisfied its thirst what they have been aiming for a long time – to put Arnab Goswami behind bars.

When the fake TRP cases against Republic were falling flat and there were no valid evidences to submit to the Courts, the Raigad Police reopened an old case that was closed two years ago. Apparently, the reopening of the case was done in secrecy to deny Arnab Goswami any legal remedy before the arrest. The arrest was done using a massive amount of force, including police armed with AK47s. No one would have believed this was to arrest an ordinary journalist who comes on the TV every day. Clearly, the motive was to humiliate Arnab Goswami and to threaten other republic staff to ‘fall in line’, else face the consequences. By the time this article is published, Arnab may be back to studios, but the Republic’s fight seems to be long one.

Intimidations make Republic even more stronger

Have all these intimidations affected the channel? Yes, from the regular news coverage point of view. For the last two weeks, the channel could hardly cover events like Bihar elections, US Presidential elections, etc., However, the news channel continues to be No. 1, both in India and abroad. In front of the TV or behind, Arnab continues to be the hero. A quick look at the number of viewers on live channel on YouTube, Republic continues to be far ahead of its competitors. With or without Arnab on the newsroom, viewers across the nation and around the world appear to be glued to this TV.

Like cats close their eyes and think the world has become dark, by suppressing news about Arnab Goswami, the Lutyens media think they can remove Republic from the public eyes. However, Arnab Goswami has become the headline all over the country. In the history of independent India, we have not seen such an outpouring support for a journalist who is neither a politician or film actor.

Opindia dares while others fly

If you tune into any of the national channels – other than Republic – you hardly see any news about the oppression going on against the Republic TV. The sold-out media and journalists who are on the payroll of corrupt politicians probably rejoicing the sufferings of Republic and Arnab Goswami. The Award Wapsi brigade, the so called ‘Liberals’, and ‘intellectuals’, self proclaimed ‘National’ newspapers, and almost the entire ‘mainstream’ media seems to have gone underground and are maintaining a venomous silence about the hounding of the No.1 news media network in the country. Not a single one of them raised even their little finger against the gross atrocity and abuse of power happening in the state. Opindia is probably the only news portal that stood solidly with Republic at these times of troubles. Despite open threats and intimidation on media personnel, it is very heartening to see the Opindia editor Nupur J Sharma participating in Republic TV debates and supporting the voice of the nation. The nation will be grateful to Opindia for its courage to stand against the tyranny, despite open threats and intimidations.

Why Arnab and Republic TV should continue its style of journalism

Arnab and Republic TV cover the news and topics that are deliberately suppressed by the Lutyens media. The mainstream media mafia were full of far left urban Naxals, and often they supported anti-national forces. Republic TV was the only national channel to discuss the topics like Palghar mob lynching, conspiracy behind CAA protests, justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, Hathras conspiracy, etc. Republic TV is the only channel that has ex-Army personnel presenting patriotic defence whenever there is attack on the nation. Look who are all opposing Arnab’s style of journalism – Lutyens media and the corrupt politicians, who are the people Republic is fighting. Republic has earned its massive support because of its Nationalistic approach and forthrightness in exposing anti-nationals. Therefore, Republic should continue its style of journalism and ignore the comments of the losers.

New India needs more nationalists as journalists

Gandhi and Nelson Mandela suffered at the hands of ruthless rulers, but they became world’s most respected leaders in the end. We see the living example in Narendra Modi, who was subjected to decade long vilification campaign but reached the position as our Prime Minister. Amit Shah was kept in jail in false and fabricated cases, and now he is our home minister. By subjecting Arnab to relentless torture and harassment, the evil forces of Maharashtra are making him even stronger. They wanted to finish Republic, and we see people poring on streets in support of the TV and its chief editor Arnab Goswami. This is new India. The new India needs honest and courageous journalism like the one practiced by Republic and Opindia.

The current crisis faced by the Republic clearly shows we need more and more independent media channels and portals that represents the voice of the nation. Currently, mainstream media is dominated by leftist, corrupt journalists. This needs to change urgently. We need to create more journalists like Arnab to defeat the evil forces in the media that are out to destroy the country.

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