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Nupur Sharma Case

Revisiting Nupur Sharma case after six months

By observing that Nupur Sharma was solely responsible for the murder of Kanhaiya Lal, the two Milords had morally absolved those two Muslim murderers from the crime.

Genuine pressure-points in sensible dialogues on Islam

It will be erroneous to assume the 19.5% Muslim population of India will stay Islamists once they are told about the foundation of Islam – the Quran, the Hadees and the biography of Muhammad. 

What I, a Hindu, learned from the Nupur Sharma case

why do we wait for an incident to happen to show the world our unity? Why terrorist acts like the one we saw in Udaipur a few weeks back becomes our stage to bring the act of unity?

Nupur Sharma in the Supreme Court: Enlighten us more, My Lords!

What My Lords said in open court against her is what we wish to understand.

Nupurquake and after effects

In India calling Sri Ram a drunkard, taking his statue in procession while beating it with chappals, the evangelists hurling abuses, equating Hindu gods with Satan, abhorrent comments on Lord Nataraja and Lord Krishna, portrayal of Ma Kaali with a cigarette, insinuating her to be a lesbian, et al do not constitute blasphemy.

An offended nation: Should section 295A be scrapped?

Recent controversies have revealed the 'offence culture' that persists in our country, and how Section 295A of the IPC has contributed to it.

Justice denied: Has court got any right of Moral Policing?

It is a request to Judicial authorities with folded hands that they must perform their functions with utmost integrity and must come out of Elite-Lutyen Hangover and analyse the situation objectively and with sane and practical mindset.

Nupur Sharma issue: The aspects of social media and national security

It is necessary to get the right message across, to the right audience, at the right time and in the right way, through the right agency. It is the means, not the end. 

The Supreme Court is out of order

Unsurprisingly, the Court has never taken notice of numerous instances where Hindu Gods & Goddesses have been insulted and religious sentiments of the Hindu community have been grievously hurt.

The religious landscape in South Asia reflects dramatic irony of Hindus

Barring Hindu dominated Nepal & India; all other nations of S Asia officially follow and promote single religion practice carrying deep routed hatred for Hinduism.

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