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Revisiting Nupur Sharma case after six months

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From the last week of May 2022, media (print and electronic) and social media in South Asia, Middle-East Asia and the West were emitting venom on a factual remark on the prophet of Islam made by Nupur Sharma, spokesperson of BJP, in a TV debate show. But all those venom emitting entities remained deadly silent on the uncouth anti-Hindu statement made by a Muslim cleric in the said TV show, where Nupur Sharma made the remark as a reaction.

Following that incident, dozens of FIRs were registered against Nupur Sharma in different parts of India by the Islamists. Congress and Left-Liberal-Lutyens cabal came forward to condemn Nupur Sharma in an one-sided way. Nupur Sharma moved the Indian Supreme Court for clubbing of all FIRs in one place, that is Delhi. While rejecting her appeal on 1st July 2022, two Milords of the Indian Supreme Court made abusive and personalized verbal observations against her which were not the parts of the verdict.

Three days before that Supreme Court hearing, one Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal, who supported Nupur Sharma in social media, was murdered by two Muslims by slitting of throat on 28 June 2022 in Udaipur (Rajasthan, India). The said two Milords of Indian Supreme Court verbally held Nupur Sharma responsible for murder of Kanhaiya Lal. This was a weird observation on the part of the two Milords.

The Milords of the Indian Supreme Court had no idea that the un-civilized Islamic laws (Sharia) allowed any Muslim to murder the critic of the prophet of Islam. The Milords of Indian Supreme Court did not have the basic understanding of Islam and Sharia, least to talk of the Quran and Sahih Hadith. They were too keen to please the Left-Liberal-Islamist cabal and probably to serve the cause of jihad in India.

The two Milords of Supreme Court of India did not know that in the tens of thousands of Madrasas across India, it was taught that Islam was the only true religion and rest all other religions were false. Inculcating hatred in the minds of Muslim children towards idolators was a specific part of Madrasa education. The two Milords of Supreme Court also had not heard of dozens of Islamic terrorist groups and sleeper cells present in India.

By observing that Nupur Sharma was solely responsible for the murder of Kanhaiya Lal, the two Milords had morally absolved those two Muslim murderers from the crime. Through their legally unwise tongue, Milords had also accepted Sharia in India in place of Indian Constitution.

The two Milords had also shamed the whole nation for Nupur Sharma’s criticism of the prophet of Islam and asked her to solicit forgiveness from the nation. What a joke? What nation had to do with the remark of Nupur Sharma, which she actually quoted from Islamic scripture of Sahih hadith? The oral tonic given by the two Milords to the Indian Islamic terrorists would make Pakistan, ISI, ISIS, Al Qaeda, PFI, and SIMI etc. very happy.

If Nupur Sharma had said something disrespectful about the prophet of Islam, Indian laws were there to address the issue. But Milords’ verbal justification of the inhuman Sharia-compliant murder of Hindu Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, by solely blaming Nupur Sharma and negating Indian laws, was beyond any sane comprehension. Milords also made such biased observations by overstepping the boundary of the case they were hearing.

After the said TV show, Nupur Sharma was officially removed from the post of spokesperson by BJP. Of all Muslim countries, strongest pressure on India came from Qatar. Al Jazeera, the international news network of Qatar was banned in India for five days in 1915 for tampering with India’s map. It was the same Qatar which gave asylum and citizenship to Indian artist M F Husain after he left India voluntarily following the controversy of painting a naked Hindu Goddess. Muhammed Zubair, a jihadi journalist of India spearheaded the anti-Nupur Sharma propaganda among Muslims across the world.

However, for the said 1st July verdict and observations on Nupur Sharma case, the two Milords and Indian Judiciary faced a very strong backlash from common Indians in social media. The Chief Justice of India and all Milords were shaken out of their judicial slumber.

People of India, for the first time, reminded Milords that they were not at all as omnipotent as they might have thought so far. Thus, the same case was again heard by the same two Milords of the supreme Court on 10th August 2022 and Nupur Sharma was granted the appeal she originally made. The two Milords could never explain how their legal minds changed 180 degrees within one month and ten days?

The root cause of such uncalled-for development in Indian Judiciary happened as it did not have any accountability and check. The disciplinary proceeding against an Indian Judge, for giving any faulty or wrong or unwise observation/judgment, was probably non-existent and never heard of in independent India. When a higher court turned down the verdict of any lower court, the Judge of lower court was never asked to explain how he reached his verdict which was bad in law.

In India, the Judges of higher Indian Judiciary (High Courts and Supreme Court) are appointed and transferred by a panel of five senior-most Judges of the Supreme Court, including the Chief Justice of India. This penal is called Collegium. The Collegium system was adopted in 1993 by an order of the Supreme Court and not by any Act of Indian Parliament or provision of Indian Constitution.

The members of the other two Pillars of Democracy, which are Executive and Legislative, have to go to people directly or indirectly after 5-6 years to seek approval from people to come to the position. But, the Judges of Indian Judiciary remain perpetually sacrosanct without any evaluation, periodic or otherwise.

Structurally, culturally and behaviorally, Indian Judiciary is an extension of British-Indian Judiciary, which was designed to rule over India and its people. The wisdom of the Judges of British-ruled India was beyond any question for imperialistic reasons. India carried the same legacy even today which allowed two Milords of the Supreme Court to make irresponsible observations against Nupur Sharma in a strange manner.

It is high time for thorough Judicial Reform in India, including rejection of British hangovers in Indian Judiciary. Appointment and periodic evaluation of Judges by an independently empowered Constitutional body should be in place through some Act of Parliament. All existing Indian laws formulated prior to 1950 also need to be examined and modified/discarded to suit India’s requirements as a nation.

The bottom line is nobody goes to the Supreme Court, or for that matter to any Court, to hear any personal, abusive and whimsical comments from any Milord. All the Indian Milords should restrict their duty in giving verdicts only in light of the laws of land and on the basis of evidence and witnesses. Milord’s verbal observations may only revolve around those aspects to explain how he has reached the verdict. Milords should stop making loose and personal remarks to justify Sharia-compliant murder of any Hindu in the country.

As on date Nupur Sharma is hiding in some undisclosed place for continued threat to her life. But all the Indian Muslims, who made abusive remarks on Hinduism before and after Nupur Sharma’s factual observation on prophet of Islam, are freely moving around. Indian jihadi political party AIMIM and one Muslim man, each from Ajmer and Mewat, offered huge bounty to any Muslim who would behead Nupur Sharma. The Indian Judiciary has to decide, once for all, if it has to defend the Indian Constitution or Sharia.

Qatar, the Middle-Eastern Islamic country which raised strongest protest against Nupur Sharma, has now invited the Jihadi preacher Zakir Naik to FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Interestingly Zakir Naik had told the same thing about prophet of Islam publicly what Nupur Sharma said later. And the Islamic Nautanki goes on.

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