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The Supreme Court is out of order

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The Supreme Court of India’s statements against Ms. Nupur Sharma reek of leftist and one-sided views which bring down the respect of the top Court in the eyes of the people of India. Firstly, one must acknowledge that what she said is the complete truth. The only problem is with how she said it, and not the veracity of what was said.

Unsurprisingly, the Court has never taken notice of numerous instances where Hindu Gods & Goddesses have been insulted and religious sentiments of the Hindu community have been grievously hurt. The media, the majority of the political class and the highest Courts have always sympathised with low level violence or shows being cancelled of certain offenders against Hinduism.`

However, when Hindus get killed, not merely slapped or hurt or insulted but brutally murdered, in Bengal or Kerala or now Udaipur, there is no murmur. For example, only one such reference given below may well be eye opening to readers, and countless more are available online,

21 times celebrities, politicians, journalists, and brands mocked Hindu Gods and traditions and got away with it
21 times celebrities, politicians, journalists, and brands mocked Hindu Gods and traditions and got away with it

This arrogance of the Supreme Court as well as certain High Courts needs to be stopped immediately. Their arrogance is similar to those of yesteryear kings when entitlement was the mark of rulers. Lest they forget, even though they may be sitting in positions of power, they do not represent the will of the people, as they are unelected.

At least the political class, crude as they may be, are answerable to voters. This is why Hindu hating politicians have been booted out by the Indian voters. No such recourse is available for these self-appointed guardians of justice who have no accountability to the Indian public at large. There is a division in the pillars of the nation for good reasons, yet there must be a mechanism now to make the Courts answerable to the will of the people.

These Courts which were supposed to be led by men with expertise of law have delved too long into areas in which they have no authority or competence. How can a student of law, who may have been a well-regarded lawyer, with the ability to pass legal exams become an expert in religion? How they can they keep passing one sided judgments against the Hindu majority while indulging the increasingly radicalised Muslim minority?

Worse, when it comes to passing orders against any real or imagined digression by Hindu perpetrators, the ‘Justices’ seem to find their inner voice which is always anti-Hindu. We only have to see the recent comments by the Supreme Court ‘Justices’ for an example of the same. Try as much as we might, we cannot find any such utterances against the Muslim perpetrators who are carrying our barbaric murders against Hindus, nor any cognisance of comments against Hindu Gods, an example of which is the link above.

The interference of this class has reaching a tipping point from where the country will enter uncharted territory. This is a very dangerous scenario wherein aggrieved Indians will either stop believing in the justice system of India for being virulently biased. Or worse, there will be revolutionary hotheads who may take direct action against these Judges who after all have to exist in society. Before things come to such a pass, it would behoove the Judicial class to introspect and course correct urgently.

The job given to them is to solve legal matters following the Criminal & Civil codes, or the Constitution. If they insist on commenting selectively on religious matters, then the vast Hindu majority may soon stand up against them and find every means possible- whether right or wrong, peaceful or violent – to remove them from their self-righteous high perches which are completely undeserving.

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