Tuesday, March 9, 2021


Supreme Court of India

From green revolution to operation blue star to Udta Punjab to operation green star: An intriguing destiny of Punjab

Only a handful of sponsored farmers, misguided by vested interest farmer unions, mainly from Punjab and surrounding areas, are protesting for no genuine reason, with a hidden agenda, and are disrupting and threatening our peaceful way of life.

What is there is the building

It is the farsighted vision of current government — dedicating the new Parliament building to the country by the 75th year of Independence in 2022 —which will nurture the atmanirbhar nation’s aspiration.

आखिर मुंबई उच्च न्यायालय ने क्यों माना की प्रवर्तन निदेशालय को सुने जाने का अधिकार (Locus standi)नहीं है!

मुंबई उच्च न्यायालय ने निर्णय दिया कि पुलिस की क्लोजिंग रिपोर्ट को चुनौती देकर सुने जाने का ED के पास locus standi नहीं है! इये जानने का प्रयास करते हैं कि पहले निचली अदालत ने फिर सत्र न्यायालय नें तत्पश्चात मुंबई उच्च न्यायालय ने, फैसला किन तथ्यों और परिस्थितियों को ध्यान में रखते हुए किया!

Lawyer writes to CJI; seeks Suo moto cognizance on the defamatory tweets of Kunal Kamra

Lucknow based advocate Siddhant Mishra on Thursday wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of India SA Bobde urging him to take Suo moto cognizance on the defamatory tweets of Kunal Kamra against the sitting judge of Supreme Court Hon'ble Justice Dr D.Y Chandarchud.

Gross violation of Supreme Court guidelines – Illegal detention of Arnab Goswami

The illegal arrest is an attack on individual freedom and the fourth pillar of democracy. The more serious charge is violation of the Supreme Court guidelines passed in the judgment of DK Basu vs State of West Bengal AIR 1997 SC 610.

50 shades of Dhritarashtra in Election Commission

Looking at the functioning of the grand old Indian National Congress (INC) party and the Gandhis, one has to wonder if EC has any concern for political parties' internal democracy or their integrity.

Right to mobility v. right to protest: SC verdict on Shaheen Bagh

The court’s verdict strengthens that right to protest is constitutional right but it can be restricted if it harms the rights of other people as it happened in Shaheen Bagh case as the protestors blocked a stretch of the road for several months which caused a lot of problem to commuters

Jury is still out on the Babri demolition verdict

t would make robust common, logical and legal sense to de-clutter the maze to appreciate and possibly understand that it would be unfair and unjust to accuse the Judiciary of forsaking its duty or even allude to any unseen hand of the executive.

Courts are not always heroes and Legislatures are not always villains

Is the constitution a strait jacket? No, it leaves a plenty of room to change and it makes no attempt to regulate every aspect of human life.

Supreme Court issues notice in a plea filed by Facebook VP against Delhi Assembly panel summons

The Supreme Court on Wednesday issued a notice in a petition filed by Facebook India and its vice president and managing director Ajit Mohan, challenging September 10 and September 18 notices by Delhi assembly panel which is probing “deliberate inaction on the part of (the) social media platform to apply hate speech rules”.

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