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Abhishek Mishra

Strategic analyst and political commentator with two decades of experience in Security & Investigations industry currently leading a multinational at S Asia

Lets celebrate political leadership of 75 years

It is time for the nation to embrace both the thought process and pay due respect to all engaged in Nation’s development irrespective of their political inclination and alignment. Lets celebrate 75 years of political leadership with due to all.   

The religious landscape in South Asia reflects dramatic irony of Hindus

Barring Hindu dominated Nepal & India; all other nations of S Asia officially follow and promote single religion practice carrying deep routed hatred for Hinduism.

The dirty game of arrests: How the opposition is planting the last nail in its own coffin

The opposition should realize that if Anna Hazare was not arrested, AAP would not be what it is today. Similarly, if L K Advani was not arrested, BJP would not be what it is today.

Naïve politician costing the country dearly

The western propagandization behind blaming Russia as the aggressor while they ignore scores of victims of US imperialism exposes shallowness of free corporate media.

Ladakh buildup – India’s Bhishma stands her ground eye to eye against Chinese tanks

China can not withdraw all her army to put up a challenge to India. The most aggressive posturing that China can engage in is by deploying forty percent of her total men and machine against India.

Balakot strikes – A success or a failure?

The astounding success of our operations can be gauged by the fact that the terrorists and their masters are taking India’s message seriously. 26 months aftermath Pulwama, Kashmir has no major terrorist strike.

India’s pride, neighbour’s envy – The Cruise Missile that races faster than a bullet

The strength of the nation lies in the strength of the military which is by the people acting as the savior of the people.

Comparing Chopper deals between eras of ‘bribe factory’ to ‘the Chowkidar PM’

With India shedding away its Italian connections, Bofors to AgustaWestland are chapters of history, today the nation spends her tax-payers money in giving her armed forces the equipment they desperately need for a looming threat of two front war.

No wonder, Gen Bajwa was shaking and perspiring

he fact that better trained Indian Wing Commander Abhinandan shot down F-16 with his Bison when air-to-air kills is the least probability in aerial warfare would have added to his worry!

The M factor in Indian air defense systems

By leading India's forces towards an aggressive air defense program built on a mixture of Russian, American, Israeli, British and indigenous systems, PM Modi is doing everything to secure the country borders and live up to his reputation of being one of the strongest leaders the country ever had.

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