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What I, a Hindu, learned from the Nupur Sharma case

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For the past few months I’ve been tracking the Nupur Sharma Case and the developments I’ve seen made me think over the question of unity among us Hindus. Yes, we came in large numbers to support Mrs. Nupur Sharma, but there was still a lack of unity. Many people, and by people I refer to my fellow Hindus, were confused as to exactly what Mrs. Sharma said. Those who knew came to support but a united face was lacking somewhere, I may be wrong. We should exclude the ‘woke’ Hindus from this group as they are genetically far superior than us, they are the all-knowing messiahs of the world saving us from the backward thinking of ourselves.

My point of contention is that why do we wait for an incident to happen to show the world our unity? Why terrorist acts like the one we saw in Udaipur a few weeks back becomes our stage to bring the act of unity? Why aren’t we united to the core? Why as Hindus we cannot follow this shloka from Rigveda-

Agni, kindled in many places is but one;

One the all pervading Sun;

One the Dawn, spreading her light over the earth.

All that exists is one, whence is produced the whole world.

Rigveda VIII.58.2

Why some of us are still shackled in the chains of caste system? Some of us have forgotten that the caste system originally was an occupation-based system, not the vicious hierarchal system based on birth which we see now. For centuries our enemies have taken advantages of the disunity and chaos in our Sanatana Dharma. From the flag of Prithviraj Chauhan to the present time, we still have cracks in our society. In such challenging times, where our Bharat is the only nation where Hindus live in a majority, understanding of the fact that living in unity is the biggest blow to our enemies is necessary. Savarkar also advocated for this unity by initiates like building the Patit Pawan Mandir and the Shuddhi Movement (our woke jagatgurus must note these two contributions of Veer Savarkar before mentioning his petitions).

Caste system, wokeism (yes I’m daring to offend my woke brethren) all such vices dwarf in front of our Sanatana Dharma. The British reduced our Dharma to castes, cow worship and sacred thread, which unfortunately has become an image so difficult for some of us shatter. Our Dharma is much more than this and this fact should be realised by everyone, irrespective of our faiths and country. Let the jokes be the messiahs, for the world needs them and also there’s no way now that they could be brought back to the Hindu fold, there’s no way they could see the actual beauty of our religion because they are busy saving the world from Brahmanical patriarchy and tyranny through their tweets! I say let them enjoy their fundings!

What we should focus is on is in strengthening ourselves as a community through unity, just like the Jews all over the world. Their unity is the reason that we see powerful states like Israel. Stop bickering that your neighbour’s son married a girl from a different caste. Educate yourself, at your own pace, about the nuances of the Sanatana Dharma philosophy. Explore the various branches of our Dharma like Mimansa, Vedanta or Carvaka.

After educating yourself try to educate someone else, but don’t force somebody to accept your views we have seen what happens when we force religion on someone. If anyone has some contradictory notions then learn to accept it with a Stoic mind and have a constructive discussion. Don’t let the ‘peace lovers’ poetry us as Gau Mutra drinkers, for we are much more than this. Let us all stand united with one common goal, that is the advancement of our community. Let’s also make sure that no one or to some extent only a few numbers (out of their own ignorance) mock our Dharma.

The difference between a civilised man and a caveman is the depth of thought and reason. Har Har Mahadev

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