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The cult of rating culture

Gen Z believes that rating culture has saved time and money by alerting people beforehand of the service they are going to pursue.

The significance of Brahmacharya: Practicing self-discipline and spirituality in modern times

Brahmacharya is a concept deeply rooted in Hindu philosophy, wisdom and spiritual practice. In the present times, when we are constantly bombarded with distractions and temptations, the practice of Brahmacharya has become more relevant than ever.

Is the ideologically leftist media ruling our brains?

It is remarkable to observe the dominance of leftist publications to the extent that anything on the centre of the right is considered the source of fake news and detrimental to society. CNN, BBC, TIME, and The New York Times, all well-known news sources, align with political-left views. What confounds me is that in a capitalist society like the US, left-leaning media thrives and overwhelmingly shapes opinions.

Swarajya, Swadharma, Pratirodh – Understanding the power and beauty of “Har Har Mahadev”

Watching Har Har Mahadev was one of the most inspiring and enriching movie experiences for me this year. It has the courage of calling a spade a spade and it does so very bluntly which will not go down well with many in these diplomatic and politically correct times.

What I, a Hindu, learned from the Nupur Sharma case

why do we wait for an incident to happen to show the world our unity? Why terrorist acts like the one we saw in Udaipur a few weeks back becomes our stage to bring the act of unity?

President Biden’s missteps and ANKUS deal

As Trump changed some of the Obama-era policies, Biden appears to be restoring some of the old policies regarding China, Russia, and other countries. Some are cosmetic and some are real that may have a profound effect in the world transiting into the multipolar world, sooner than earlier anticipated.

Why India must stay involved in Afghan Peace Process

Pakistan and China’s efforts to eviscerate American presence in Afghanistan and the removal of the Afghan National government from Kabul by openly inserting Pakistani regulars to topple the Afghan government had succeeded but the stability of the Taliban’s government is proving to be an arduous undertaking.

Drug problem in Bollywood and special investigation conducted by the central government

Dawood Ibrahim is fugitive and on the “run” wanted for money laundering and drug trafficking by various international agencies and governments.

Revisiting India’s constitution and the history of partition

British and some Indians never gave a real credit to true freedom fighters, who suffered exiles, torture at Andaman Island or outright murders. Similar experiences were cited in other countries seeking independence like Ireland, Kenya, and other colonies.

Diary of a sepoy: How Modi’s fascism ruined the rich heritage of this tolerant land

I am a sepoy. I am disappointed. Very disappointed at the trajectory that India has taken since 2014.

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