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Drug problem in Bollywood and special investigation conducted by the central government

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1985 act passed by the Indian Parliament prohibits the manufacturing, producing, selling, Purchasing, distributing, storing or using any narcotic substances involving drugs in any form or shape for the consumption. This 1985 Law is called “Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act” as stated above. Another 1988 law was created and labeled as “Prevention of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances”. The intention was to curb the illegal drug trafficking often organized through private collaborators in India used by the hostile intelligence agencies for financing terrorism.

Both these acts have a provision for punishment and carries national security dimension. This issue has become critical after Taliban takeover of Afghanistan that is high opium producing country. Taliban Take over of Afghanistan and their production of opium can easily accessible to Interservice Intelligence agency of Pakistan, who can use their terrorist proxy such as Dawood Ibrahim that freely operates in Mumbai area with his gangs, while living in exile. Dawood is also under “Grey list” wanted by several countries for drug trafficking.

The people of Mumbai have also witnessed suspicious unsolved murders that were judged earlier as a suicide but the supporting evidences are lacking or destroyed. The family of victims have continuously asked the government to investigate but state government has not fulfilled their responsibility.

It should be noted that in the early days of Bollywood cinema, the financing was not an issue. Those who understood the Movie business and worked in the industry as an artist took financing risk under “low budget Environment”. This is not the case any more. The industry have expanded with stars and producers and have the capability of generating export earning for the industry. Those days the sole objective of the stars was the performance of theatrical arts with no indulgence in illegal activities, such as the use of the drug or the exploitation of youths, who are aspiring for stardoms or looking for a role as an artist.

The things have changed up on entering of What we call “Movie Mafia”. The mega stars are also demanding a larger share of profit for their performance. Since the success of the movie venture depends on Box Office revenue, it does entails the risk for the financier. Nawab now alleges that Aryan Khan was kidnapped for ransom in his “own arranged luxury cruise liner”. Really? His statement raises many mind boggling questions. Why would somebody or anybody would arrange kidnapping of himself by hiring a cruise company that involves so many people? Why not do this, when he is riding a car? Giving Nawab the benefit of doubt and assuming he knows more than the people who were present, why was Aryan then released without paying any ransom and who received the ransom?

The fundamental question remains that this is drug related case that is under investigation, now by Special Investigative Team from Delhi and local official has stepped aside to erase any doubts of any nexus.

Why a state minister whose relative is involved in drug related case is interfering that is already being processed through judiciary? Does he have an axe to grind or he has something to do with it?

It will be wise that “less said” and “hands off” will serve the interest of the accused. If there is a case, let the SIT prove their case in the court house. It will be appropriate to issue an order by presiding judge under the contempt of court that minister should desist from commenting on a case that is under investigation.

Let us face it with number of deaths in Bollywood recently connected with drug, one has to look further, if this is an issue that has international dimension?

ISI of Pakistan has only one purpose in mind.
1 To acquire control through proxy to alter the ancient culture of India and raise monies to finance their hostile and covert terrorist activities in India.
2. The collateral benefits derived by the proxies involved was to subvert our youths for sex trafficking, drug dependency, and trading them off for lower compensation than they are entitled to. This cannot be allowed and busted.

Dawood Ibrahim is fugitive and on the “run” wanted for money laundering and drug trafficking by various international agencies and governments.

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