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Un-christianizing Jesus Christ: the shape-shifting nature of Christianity seen around the world

Christianity acts as a shapeshifter according to the place of its operation, based on the cultural and ethnic aspects of the people.

An insight into the Indian caste system: How we are systematically misguided by its misinterpretation

The unity is what saves Hindus today in this world where the mere existence of Hindus is considered offensive.

Educated and resourceful: The modern day terrorism

Many global influencers and pseudo seculars like Malala tried to whitewash terrorists saying terrorism is caused due to poverty and illiteracy trying to blame society for their barbaric doings.

Why the new anti-BJP front might meet the same fate as the old one

KCR starting the third front has made the news, meeting all the prominent political leaders from different states in recent days. But how triumphant is it? Does it make them a winning alliance or just strange bedfellows?

The statue of equality: A tribute to the revolutionary legend

Statue of Equality also known as Samatha Moorthi is a 216ft statue of an Indian philosopher, the great saint Ramanuja Charya. He is a Vaishnavite, but to the world, he's known more as a social reformer than a devotee.

Know why #GoBackStalin became a top Twitter trend as CM MK Stalin tours Tamil Nadu

The hashtag #GoBackStalin has been trending on Twitter with more than 807,000 tweets when touring the Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore district of his home state.

Shiva-Shakti Adhyatmika and its war against missionary conversion

Siva-shakti is an organization that is Inspired by the Spiritual work of Great Shankara, Ramanuja and Swami Vivekananda, a group of 30 people founded Shiva-Shakti Adhyatmika...

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