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Know why #GoBackStalin became a top Twitter trend as CM MK Stalin tours Tamil Nadu

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The hashtag #GoBackStalin has been trending on Twitter with more than 807,000 tweets when touring the Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore district of his home state.

Why is it trending?

Tamil Nadu CM M.K.Stalin tours Western belt which is locally known as the ‘Kongu Belt’ is an AIADMK stronghold and largely voted against the ruling DMK. Coimbatore, being the second-largest city and industrial hub of Tamil Nadu is situated in this region. There are allegations of Tamil Nadu’s western belt being ignored by the ruling DMK, hence, TamilNadu Chief Minister who is touring the region is facing the anger of angry netizens.

However, this region is allegedly allocated far fewer vaccines than Chennai. Coimbatore is also now the city with maximum COVID-19 cases in Tamil Nadu. Leaders of BJP and AIADMK, have been pointing out the huge spike in deaths and cases in Coimbatore.

In addition to this when asked about it by a BJP spokesperson, the DMK spokesperson replied by saying “if people of Coimbatore are struggling and crying in pain, then go and WhatsApp it to Modi”. this careless response added fuel to the wrath of the people.


As #GOBACKSTALIN tops the Twitter trends, opposition leaders of BJP and AIDMK say “this is karma hitting back, Stalin did not care for the western belt region”

BJP spokesperson C.T.R Nirmal Kumar said” even though CM says Govt. is not biased against Coimbatore people, but still, people of Kovai didn’t see a difference”

tweet by C.T.R.Nirmal kumar.

While angry netizens tweeted against the Government, DMK sympathizers tried to counter the trend by using hashtags #Welcome_TNCM_Stalin, #WelcomeStalin.

Whenever Prime Minister Modi visited Tamil Nadu, we have seen the hashtag #GoBackModi trending nationally in protest of his visit. But this is the first time a protest against Chief Minister Stalin has become a national trend ranking #1.

During The second wave of corona in India, Tamil Nadu has been in the top 3 nationally in terms of corona impact. Notably, overall Active cases in the state are over 310, 000, while cases in capital city Chennai have been reducing, it is the second-largest district Coimbatore that is seeing a spike. Coimbatore, the Western district is now witnessing over 4,700 daily cases. Evidently, people from the western belt and opposition see it as the failure of the DMK Government.

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