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Challenging Hinduphobia: Unveiling the complex realities in India

As India approaches the 2024 general election, it is imperative to recognize that attacks on Sanatana Dharma, regardless of the terminology used, target Hindus as a whole. Hindus must unite in the face of divisive forces and misinformation, armed with a clear understanding of their faith's core principles. Additionally, dispelling misconceptions about caste dynamics within Hinduism is essential to rectify the global misconception that synonymizes Hinduism with casteism, as Hinduism's beliefs and practices extend far beyond this stereotype.

AIADMK under EPS will be exposed like Blue Jackal in 2024

EPS might have been under the calculation that by moving away from NDA, he can attract congress and other fringe players into his fold but that looks farfetched as on date mainly due to the lack of trust and ability of EPS and his party to win any seats in coming election. 

जहरीले बाप का विषधर सपोला: सनातन पर जहर जमकर घोला

उदयनिधि स्टेलीन ने अपने पोतनहर जैसे भक्सावन मुंह से दुर्गंध फैलाते हुए अपने पिता और दादा के दिखाए गुःखोरी वाले मार्ग का अनुसरण करते हुए "सनातन धर्म" के बारे में अनर्गल प्रलाप और मिथ्या प्रवँचनाये की गयी।

AIADMK under EPS soon to meet the fate of Chandrababu Naidu of TDP in AP

AIADMK has been dying, but thanks to the support of Modiji, the death of the party got delayed. But now EPS has decided to bury the party alive by deciding to snap ties with BJP in the state.

AIADMK-BJP alliance, story of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlad embodiment – Annamalai, Next versus Best

Annamalai has caused enough and more sleeplessness to AIADMK politically, the central agencies also must do the same to all those corrupt AIADMK leaders for their past corruption charges and only then AIADMK would realize the extrapolation of the past is not going to work in the state, Annamalai and BJP has changed the entire landscape of Tamil Nadu politics.

Make the serpent bite own tail strategy of Annamalai has shocked DMK

Among all age groups of people in Tamil Nadu, irrespective of the caste and gender difference, Annamalai is the new and only icon of hope, promise, confidence and trust.

UPA 2 days of DMK and Annamalai, the Modi of Tamil Nadu

DMK is right to think that the party does not have a strong opposition in the state due to infights within the main opponent AIADMK and the BJP has not grown so much in the state to challenge DMK, as on today.

Annamalai has made the BJP, future of TN

Annamalai has ploughed the field, had also watered, manured and sowed the seeds, seeds have also sprouted but the sprouting needs to protected from the harmful pests well before they come to attack. 

Annamalai and mayhem days of DMK

Annamalai needs complete support of central leadership of BJP as he has brought severe cracks in the politics of DMK and soon the foundation of DMK is going to fall, therefore Annamalai and all those who support him are at the negative list of DMK.

Intra-party quibble in BJP, TN is a good symptom, let us applaud Annamalai

What the BJP needs the best, already Annamalai is doing and in return, BJP must do its best to Annamalai by acting against DMK which we hope towards parliament election, may happen. 

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