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AIADMK-BJP alliance, story of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlad embodiment – Annamalai, Next versus Best

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The mythological story of Hiranyakashipu and Prahlad is well known to everyone in Bharat, especially those who follow the essentials of Sanadana dharma. Hiranyakashipu was so proud of his strength, valiancy, arrogance and was always spreading atrocities, crime and injustices towards humanity.  We can easily relate the pomp, arrogance and money power intoxication of AIADMK to Hiranyakashipu. 

Yes, indeed, AIADMK was a powerful political force in Tamil Nadu, had ruled the state for several years, had great leaders like MGR and Jayalalithaa. The history and legacy of AIADMK synonymous with corruption and goonda-ism is also well known to the people of the state.  The convictions by not less than the Honorable Supreme Court of India is the proof, that everyone can verify. 

Annamalai in every sense, we can be related to Prahlad, the person of truth, honesty, earnestness, hard-work, dedication, commitment, a true manifestation of Sanadana dharma and above all, the most intelligent political leader ever Tamil Nadu politics has seen. 

Like how Prahlad being the son of Hiranyakashipu, still was a pious, honest and an up-right devotee of Lord Vishnu whom the father Hiranyakashipu always oppose and hate, Annamalai, in spite BJP having an alliance with AIADK, seen as the best leader the state has ever got and people have developed new hope and aspiration on Annamalai and started to think that soon the state will raise to the horizon of development, become corruption free and free of dynastic politics.   

A defining day came to the life of Prahlad and so was in the life of Hiranyakashipu. That was the day Hiranyakashipu not just lost his pride and arrogance but his life as well to Narasimha, one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu mocked, ridiculed and laughed at Prahlad for his age, his impecuniousness and experience of not having a kingdom or never was a king and finally Hiranyakashipu asked Prahlad to show where Vishnu reside.  As a mark of fun, Hiranyakashipu exploded a pillar nearby, then got killed by Narasimha. 

If we look at the arrogant utterances of some of the senior leaders of AIADMK, we can easily find similarity with the arrogance of Hiranyakashipu, before his death from the hands of Narashimha. They are ridiculing Annamalai by citing him, he is too young, never was a MLA or MP, the party has never ruled the state etc. 

Honesty need no age, experience, doesn’t need covetous curriculum vitae, nor need a great leader to reflect.  Truth will run faster than the speed of light which was never known to the state of Tamil Nadu until Annamalai convince the same to people. Excessive display of muscle and money power by AIADMK towards Annamalai shows the fear and restless of AIADMK towards the politics of Annamalai and his gaining popularity and mass appeal.

People of Tamil Nadu see Annamalai as Modi of Tamil Nadu and the vanity bags of DMK and AIADMK will be exposed soon and both parties will vanquish soon from the state. The anger of some leaders of AIADMK towards Annamalai’s popularity is like the unfound anger of Hiranyakashipu towards Prahlad which finally led to the death of Hiranyakashipu. 

People of Tamil Nadu are a bit excited and thankful to Modiji for giving freedom and support to all central agencies to probe the corruption cases against several DMK Ministers. People of the state wants quick, speedy and rapid convictions of many DMK Ministers and only then the trust in our judicial system can be restored. 

Only through such merciless act, all anti-DMK voters can be galvanized towards BJP as people are looking at BJP and not AIADMK as the best option.  AIADMK is hoping the party would be the next option, but people are clear, they do not want next option but best option and that is BJP and Annamalai. 

Annamalai has caused enough and more sleeplessness to AIADMK politically, the central agencies also must do the same to all those corrupt AIADMK leaders for their past corruption charges and only then AIADMK would realize the extrapolation of the past is not going to work in the state, Annamalai and BJP has changed the entire landscape of Tamil Nadu politics.

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