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Annamalai and mayhem days of DMK

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The Pongal festival of 2023, the DMK government may not be in a mood to celebrate with all the festivities the Pongal deserves because of Annamalai phenomenon, which has stolen the thunder and Annamalai has become a nightmare to DMK. 

Today DMK fear Annamalai more than BJP.  One may wonder how we can separate Annamalai and BJP.   But in Tamil Nadu, Annamalai is BJP, like how Modi and Amit Shaw in central BJP.  Tamil Nadu in the past has seen a charismatic leader like Dr MGR, very brave and bold Amma J Jayalalithaa and a great orator K Karunanidhi. The most common thing with all the three leaders was that they strongly occupied the emotional space in people, therefore they could remain relevant throughout. None of the high ranking political leader in Tamil Nadu has ever occupied the intellectual space, become the role model, turned into the aspiration and hope, motivation and strength, the status of ultimate savior of Tamil Nadu from the dynastic, corrupt politics of DMK, like Annamalai. 

DMK has several star speakers who knows only to keep the audience engaged through many derogatory remarks on opposition leaders. But time has changed, the present day youths may not like such speeches and hence most of such DMK platform speakers have gone jobless. In DMK, no one knows to how to present data points, prove the statement, convince the listener and above all, achieve the total and complete admiration and acceptance of the listener like Annamalai. 

DMK is known only for making very substandard remarks, abusive statements & doing daylight rowdy-ism, therefore dealing Annamalai phenomenon intellectually is totally new to them. By spreading lies and negativism through social media space, DMK could not tarnish the reputation of Annamalai because the present day generation knows how to verify and validate every data that is presented to them.  Thanks to smartphone and data support available in every mobile phone, the older generation also has started to verify and do fact check which has totally exposed DMK and its ugly negative politics. 

Annamalai is the best gift of BJP to Tamil Nadu in particular and to India in general. Like Modiji, Annamalai has changed the game of Tamil Nadu politics, its rules, narrative and finally he has brought fact based political discourse and not third rate political rhetoric, the DNA of DMK. 

So far BJP was practicing hard core ideological warfare in TN by highlighting the historical facts about spiritual renaissance; which DMK has very systematically destroyed. Tamil Nadu politics is strongly cult based and hence DMK can be fought only on such line, which Modiji has realized and that is how Annamalai has be made president of BJP, TN. 

Today no one in DMK has the wherewithal intelligence or personal integrity to dialogue with Annamalai in an open forum, face to face.   

It was also believed widely that corruption cannot be used as a great poll issue in Tamil Nadu as people of the state is stated to have already adjusted to corruption. But Annamalai has broken all such shackles and notions. He is focusing on current affairs, exposing every minute acts of DMK, following DMK government like its shadow but acting like the third eye. Today the top rank leaders of DMK are very restless and jittery of Annamalai before engaging in any big ticket scam. They have to use the bottom line office bearers of the party to generate revenue for them, obviously due to Annamalai. 

Annamalai is not just exposing the corruptions of DMK, linking them well with the history of DMK, dynastic cult, reasons and finally also presenting how such corrupt acts of DMK is systematically destroying the future and destiny of millions of youths in Tamil Nadu. When Annamalai present all such facts, he also reflects those tall poll promises of DMK to send a clear message to the people as why none of them have been fulfilled by DMK but instead showing great urgency to install Udayanidhi into the cabinet.     

DMK could not deal Annamalai as the party has never learned the politics based on facts and truth.  Negative politics, politics of rowdy-ism and hatred, DMK cannot play the same politics hereafter because of the strong social media presence and also DMK cannot spread lies which can be easily verified thanks to internet connection, the revolution brought by Modiji as a part of Digital India. 

The constant engagement of Annamalai with people, getting insiders from government to provide more inside details for revelation to public and also if necessary, Annamalai must request the Governor’s office to reveal the lies of DMK, all the above approaches BJP must play. 

DMK knows only to tell lies and play hatred and negative politics. If DMK has been squeezed from doing so, DMK will shrink and disappear from the political space of Tamil Nadu obviously because DMK does not know real politics. Annamalai was the first to tell people the hidden proposal of DMK government to construct a new assembly building near Mammalapuram and also the possible reasons for such move.

The month of April 2023 is not far away, Annamalai is going to reveal more shocking truths about DMK government, which the people of Tamil Nadu are eagerly waiting. People of Tamil Nadu wish April should come fast but for DMK, March should never end, that is the prayer. Annamalai needs complete support of central leadership of BJP as he has brought severe cracks in the politics of DMK and soon the foundation of DMK is going to fall, therefore Annamalai and all those who support him are at the negative list of DMK. History of DMK in dealing its opponents is well known.   

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