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Intra-party quibble in BJP, TN is a good symptom, let us applaud Annamalai

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Shri Annamalai, Tamil Nadu state president of BJP has recently stated that whenever a political party started to gain momentum and attraction of large section of people, competition among leaders within such party also would grow, it is quite natural. Obviously the leader who brought the party to such prominence is likely to earn the jealous and wrath and he is aloso likely to be criticized by many disgruntled elements in the party. Naturally the most threatened opponent of BJP in Tamil Nadu, the DMK is going to use such intra-party quibble in BJP to its advantage. 

The question is whether the present intra-party quibble within BJP in Tamil Nadu is a serious issue or would settle soon like little storm in the tea cup?  Certainly the current issue is nothing new in politics and therefore is not going to affect BJP or the image of Annamalai. All those who throw stones at Annamalai are unscrupulous, holds no command, enjoys no respect and admiration of people and have done nothing great to the party, nor have made any impression about their leadership to people. 

Like Modiji, Annamalai is also bullet proofed mainly because of his personal integrity, honesty, tireless work and above all, he is so focused, sharp and scientific in his approach. The entire opposition when attacked Modiji and abused, Modiji simply focused on people of this country, addressed their aspiration, daily needs and life. Modiji won the people and therefore he is a leader not just to our nation but also to every family in India.

Annamalai also has attained such an iconic stature in Tamil Nadu, a leader whom the youths admire and follow, elderly people aspire to have such son, old people cherish with confidence that Tamil Nadu has at last got a hope and promise in Annamalai and they want to see Annamalai as chief minister of the state before they disappear from the scene so that they can peacefully depart the world with joy that their children are safe in the state.    

Annamalai has completely captured the aspiration and hope of people of the state and are immensely thankful to Modiji for identifying Annamalai and also giving him the due respect and importance that he deserves.   

Today people are seeing the politics of change, politics of positivism, development, politics being engaged by educated people to bring social and economic transformation in the country thanks to Modiji and Annamalai. 

Even DMK and AIADMK are learning some political lessons from Annamalai because the new age politics of Annamalai is so vibrant, dynamic and development centric. All those who have accepted corruption as part and parcel of our social life and also believed corruption cannot be eliminated until Annamalai enters the scene. Now people have realized that DMK has very meticulously jettisoned the future of the state and life and destiny of millions of youths through its dynastic politics, politics of corruption and rowdy-ism. People are silently shifting towards BJP in the state with complete hope on Annamalai and Modiji. 

The problem of intra-party quibble in BJP in TN is not going to affect either BJP or Annamalai.  Instead, the slow action of BJP against DMK can shatter the hope of people. The hardcore anti-DMK voters are now split between BJP, AIADMK and Naam Tamil Katchi. In Tamil Nadu, neutral voters and hardcore anti-DMK voters are quite high. The neutral voters and people who wants change have already shifted to BJP and the hardcore anti-DMK voters can be attracted only through strong action against DMK otherwise they may not see any difference between BJP and Naam Tamilar Katchi, both are ruthlessly attacking DMK. 

BJP is in power at the centre and therefore must show it is serious through its action and only then they would shift to BJP. When such action is initiated, Naam Tamilar Katchi may support DMK and thereby the hardcore anti-DMK voters can be easily shifted to BJP. Considerable portion of AIADMK voters have already shifted to BJP. Need of the hour is the central leadership of BJP must strengthen Annamalai, must provide him every support and absolute freedom so that he could save the state from DMK. 

What the BJP needs the best, already Annamalai is doing and in return, BJP must do its best to Annamalai by acting against DMK which we hope towards parliament election, may happen. 

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