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Make the serpent bite own tail strategy of Annamalai has shocked DMK

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The political campaign of Shri Annamalai, state president of BJP, in Erode east by-poll has shown totally a different persona of him to the people of Tamil Nadu. Annamalai is quite merciless in exposing DMK on daily basis by making the DMK helpless and hopeless. DMK has never experienced such politics especially when the party is in power. When DMK is in power, people and the opposition party, both will be scared to criticize DMK due to its rowdy and goon approach to silence all such criticism. But Annamalai has changed the politics of Tamil Nadu and the same could be achieved easily thanks to the digitalization initiative of Modiji.

The election campaign of Annamalai in Erode east has witnessed a new political management approach where he has asked people to vote for BJP alliance and gift defeat to DMK and such defeat alone would wake-up DMK to perform otherwise DMK would never fulfil any of its poll promises. During every by-poll, the ruling party will be supported so that the constituency does not suffer any discrimination. But Annamalai has very intelligently re-phrased the equation to present to people that only when DMK is taught a lesson, they would focus an iota on governance, otherwise would continue to engage in rowdy-ism and daylight corruption. Annamalai has evoked to the people of Erode east to do their best for the entire Tamil Nadu by defeating DMK and ensure all the grace and gratitude of Tamil Nadu comes to Erode east for teaching the arrogant, dynastic politics of DMK.    

The new age politics of Annamalai in Erode east whether has been heard by the electorates of Erode east or not, but has started to resonate in entire Tamil Nadu. Several DMK sympathizers also have started to say that it is high time DMK must be taught a lesson. No one is worried seriously about the fissure in AIADMK instead people are looking at Annamalai and the alliance of BJP (whether the alliance is led by AIADMK or BJP). People see the alliance of BJP as the only salvation point for Tamil Nadu because people of the state have started to experience the transformative, transparent and development centric governance of Modiji and how Modiji has made India the pivotal of global attraction and hope. 

The new age political strategy of Annamalai in Erode east is going to stay hereafter irrespective the Erode east by-poll outcome because of rampant use of money power by DMK may influence the outcome.  

For the first time in Indian politics, Annamalai has enlightened the electorate to defeat the ruling power and only then the people can win which was believed otherwise until Annamalai adopt such new age politics. By defeating DMK, Annamalai is right, the people of Erode east in general and people of Tamil Nadu in particular may get ‘some’ governance from DMK and otherwise the state may fall into the bottomless pit of lawlessness and rowdy-ism by DMK. 

Usually the opposition candidate would appeal to the people who face by-poll about the unfulfilled promises of the ruling party but for the first time Annamalai has stated loudly that, to make the ruling party to fulfil its poll promises, defeat the candidate, because the defeat would make the ruling party, more responsible. Annamalai has used ‘intelligence’ not just emotional appeal to people to vote for the candidate of BJP’s alliance. The above political strategy of Annamalai has hit the bulls eye and all anti-DMK voters are kindled to work towards defeat of DMK and that alone would save the state. In seconds, Annamalai has diffused the infights in AIADMK that has caused confusion and worry among all anti-DMK voters, instead of worrying about when the infights in AIADMK would settle, vote for the candidate who has aligned with BJP so the state will get its best.

The electorates who would have been in double mind about defeating DMK and that may result in total neglect of the constituency has got a new hope and confidence from Annamalai and have realized that only by defeating DMK they can expect a little governance from DMK.

Among all age groups of people in Tamil Nadu, irrespective of the caste and gender difference, Annamalai is the new and only icon of hope, promise, confidence and trust. More than the candidate who contest election in Erode east from BJP’s alliance, the entire Tamil Nadu and media are watching the campaign speeches of Annamalai carefully and as expected, Annamalai has touched the soul of Tamil Nadu. It is not the outcome of Erode east by-poll, the campaign of Annamalai is going to define the Tamil Nadu politics in coming days.

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