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Annamalai has made the BJP, future of TN

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No one can deny the fact that ever since Annamalai was made state president of BJP, TN, he is doing everything right to bring BJP to the centre stage in TN politics. In Tamil Nadu, the political division is not on ideological line but on, corruption ridden negative and hate politics of DMK versus pro-poor politics being played by several political forces. Thanks to the unfortunate sharp division of several pro-poor political forces in the state, DMK could come to power, otherwise the people of TN would have made DMK to wait again for another five more years to try its luck. The noise of negativity and hatred is always huge and therefore DMK is seen a great force in TN due to the noise being created by its negative and hatred dominant politics, the core support base for DMK is quite small, but strong and stable. 

People of Tamil Nadu are wanting a change but were pushed to hopeless situation due to lack of a reliable alternative option. Annamalai has rightly diagnosed the pulse of TN politics and started his political journey on power of positivism, hope, confidence and reaching out to people for right cause.   Annamalai is not engaged in negative politics like DMK nor he is promoting hatred towards any section of society or people. 

While spreading the politics of development and transformation, Annamalai is also showing the corruption anatomy of DMK both in the past and also about the present administration. Besides showing the details, Annamalai is also detailing to people how the corruption and dynastic politics of DMK has pushed Tamil Nadu several decades backward and had affected the future of millions.

Annamalai is brilliantly blending several development and transformation initiatives of Modiji led BJP government in the last 8 years with reference to building toilets, building houses for poor, providing water connection, electrification, cooking gas connection, opening bank account, direct transfer of benefits to the bank account of the eligible people without any pilferage and pickpocketing by the middleman, free supply of food grains etc. 

People at the ground level have started to see Annamalai not as a mere state president of BJP, TN but as messiah of future and destiny of TN which is structurally corroded and necrotized by the corruption and dynastic politics of DMK. 

Annamalai has resonated perfectly to the people that only by eliminating negative and hate politics from TN, a political transformation can be achieved in the state and mother of all such politics is DMK and therefore DMK has to be defeated and kept away from power, permanently.   

Annamalai is a multi-headed Janus to DMK and hence DMK appears to have gone defenceless and merciful before Annamalai phenomena. All that DMK knows is rowdy-ism and political violence against those who raise voice against the party but here on such politics is not going to work for DMK because of the revolution in information technology brought by Modiji. In mille-second, information is being exchanged and reaches even the remote corner of the village. Therefore, DMK party workers and Ministers are always alerted for the badmouth and are made to watch fearfully the eyes of Annamamali watching them, 24×7.

Still more effectively the voice of Annamalai needs to reach down in the state.  Anti-DMK voters must be made to feel and convince completely BJP and Annamalai are the only option for them. But unfortunately they are looking for strong action of BJP led government over DMK ministers for their corrupt actions. If BJP delays further or play soft peddling, it will be seen as BJP and DMK are playing micky –mouse game and fooling people of the state. 

Annamalai is very authentic, upright, honest and committed for the cause of the state. So is Modiji. But where is the action? Several ministers of the DMK government are facing serious corruption charges, the law and order in the state is dwindling day by day, why there is no action, many asks. 

Some people can be convinced through political debate of Annamalai while some need credible action against DMK and only then their anger against DMK will transform into love for BJP. 

Annamalai is doing his job perfectly and brilliantly.  BJP must engage in positive and development centric politics and also must provide the list of transformations Modiji has brought to our country, which Annamalai is doing correctly. At the same time, people need evidence and action to convince otherwise everything will be seen as mere political rhetoric.  

Once the rug under the feet of DMK is pulled, everything will be exposed and in the present digital age, information will spread easily and that would put an end to the negative and hate politics in TN. Automatically people would ask who belled the cat to deserve the applaud, one and only answer would be BJP, and naturally BJP will be elected.

Annamalai has ploughed the field, had also watered, manured and sowed the seeds, seeds have also sprouted but the sprouting needs to protected from the harmful pests well before they come to attack. Modiji must act and it is the turn of Modiji. Governor is doing his best and is also willing to do his best for the development and welfare of the state. 

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