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AIADMK under EPS will be exposed like Blue Jackal in 2024

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The so called brilliant, firm and much needed decision of EPS (E Palanisamy) to move out of NDA alliance has not cut much ice with many political parties in Tamil Nadu, especially those alliance partners of DMK. The sense is that AIADMK under EPS has lost its trustworthiness, political credence and it appears to be strong more due to the money power than the real ground support of people of the state.   

EPS might have been under the calculation that by moving away from NDA, he can attract congress and other fringe players into his fold but that looks farfetched as on date mainly due to the lack of trust and ability of EPS and his party to win any seats in coming election.

The core anti DMK voters in urban Tamil Nadu has shifted towards Annamalai and BJP and so are the hard core Hindu voters. A few caste arithmetic if BJP could formulate in southern Tamil Nadu, BJP can put up a strong show and can even push EPS to third position in many constituencies. If BJP could push AIADMK to third position in at least 20-30% of constituencies means, the fate of AIADMK in 2026 election is a gone story for EPS and that would push EPS to fall at the mercy of BJP and Annamalai in future. 

BJP under Modiji is strong, ever strong and stronger than 2019 and BJP under Modiji is going to win with resounding majority in 2024. Annamalai has done excellent ground work for BJP in the state and has kindled the aspiration, hope and desire of people of the state and the people look up to BJP and have beyond Dravidian parties. 

The En mann, En makkal yatra of Annamalai not only reflects the aspiration of people at the ground zero yawning for a change but also shown the mirror to both DMK and ADIAMK that they are going irrelevant. Corruption baggage of both DMK and AIADMK is not going to leave these parties to celebrate their past glory and soon many of them are going pay for their past ugly deeds. 

Need of the hour is that the central leadership of BJP must extend its full support to Annamalai and also must ensure speedy disposal of corruption cases against all those DMK Ministers. Soon Annamalai must expose AIADMK files as well and all those corrupt leaders of AIADMK also must be brought to the book. People of Tamil Nadu wants nothing less than severe punishment of those guilty. The anti-DMK votes are rapidly eroding from AIADMK because AIADMK is weak and precarious to oppose DMK. 

Until a formidable political force was not there in the state, this kind of arrangement between DMK and AIADMK was fine but the political battlefield of the state has changed dramatically since 2014 in general and after the entry of Annamalai in particular. DMK is clueless and it is opposing BJP at the ideological level and has ignored AIADMK which is its political challenges at least on paper. 

On the contrary, the AIADMK is also opposing BJP because BJP has taken its political space of galvanizing all anti-DMK voter base. The leadership of AIADMK is weak, the party exist more due to money power than due to supporter base of people. 

This is a fortune time for many fringe players in Tamil Nadu. If they align under BJP and contest election under the leadership of Modiji, winning a few seats is possible and besides that pushing AIADMK to third position in many constituencies is also possible. The threat of DMK is how to protect its minority voter base, now AIADMK is also going to claim.  

When both DMK and AIADMK focus on minority voter base, both of them are going to neglect the interest of Tamil Nadu as well as the core anti-DMK vote. Both of them are going to oppose Modiji which is quite good where polarization of vote would take place in favour and against Modiji. Even if BJP could not win much seats this election, but the party could come to a formidable level in 2026 where AIADMK will be at the mercy of BJP. 

As on date, no alliance partners of DMK are willing to align with AIADMK and if that does not happen in 2024, AIADMK will be exposed like blue Jackal and will get marginalized. Today all those who talk about EPS as great leader, shrewd politicians etc., are doing so purely based on the past glory like how the Blue Jackal could confuse its enemies until rain expose its true colour, the coming election will expose AIADMK and EPS will permanently find his place in Tamil Nadu politics like Chandrababu Naidu in Andhra Pradesh.

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