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AIADMK under EPS soon to meet the fate of Chandrababu Naidu of TDP in AP

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As a hardcore BJP member, a true admirer of Modiji and cheerleader of Annamalai, the decision of AIADMK to break the alliance with BJP in Tamil Nadu is a happy news than a day that brought some sadness, awe and shock.  TDP under Chandrababu Naidu went to an extreme extent to support congress party to defeat Modiji in 2019 which ended up in Chandrababu Naidu becoming irrelevant, a spent force and forgotten history not only in the state of Andhra Pradesh but also in India. 

BJP, although was not a very formidable political force in AP, but having an alliance with BJP had given TDP a national stature, national relevance and leadership value which Chandrababu Naidu lost completely by joining with congress. It is not just power, even the political relevance itself is a mirage for TDP today, thanks to the senseless act of Chandrababu Naidu in the past. 

Today the Uddav Thackrey led Siva Sena and JDU of Nitish Kumar, all are at the mercy of their once opponents, to remain valid and relevant. All of them betrayed BJP, stabbed BJP from the back by turning from parasitic political existence to pathogenic political existence.  Today all these political parties are nothing but ‘pathogens’ trying to do everything possible to cause serious disease to our nation which Modiji is preventing thanks to the love and support of millions of Indians.

AIADMK under EPS had survived all odds after the demise of Jayalalithaa thanks to the unconditional support of Modiji from the centre otherwise the party would have disintegrated and degenerated, long before. AIADMK has been dying, but thanks to the support of Modiji, the death of the party got delayed. But now EPS has decided to bury the party alive by deciding to snap ties with BJP in the state. If BJP could form an alliance with even smaller and tiny political parties in TN, still the party can give tough challenge to DMK and BJP also can win a few seats as the state president of BJP, Annamalai has done enough and more ground work for the party. 

The growth of BJP in the state is wrongly being sensed by EPS as a death warning to AIADMK, hence the party wants to target Annamalai but the supporters of Annamalai and the central leadership of BJP is not going to recognize the cry of EPS. AIADMK was a political force once upon a time and not now. The party lack a charismatic leader, just with money power, some party leaders still think, they can win election.  The corruption baggage of many AIADMK would sink them into loose sand, going to chock them to death, if the law agencies speedup the process.

In the political terrain of Tamil Nadu, the political fight is not between DMK and AIADMK but between DMK and BJP. BJP, at least at ideological level has grown big, large and gigantic in the state to oppose DMK and BJP alone can oppose DMK and that is how most anti-DMK voters in the state believe. AIADMK has lost its political will, leadership charisma, ideological clarity and relevance. BJP under Annamalai has brought the state politics into a strong ideological frontier and only DMK can oppose BJP from ideological battle field. 

On the contrary, AIADMK does not have any ideology and it was always seen as the main opponent of DMK to galvanize all anti-DMK votes besides own vote share. In a sense, AIADMK could win only by utilizing the anti-incumbency sentiments and hatred of people towards rowdy-ism and lawlessness of DMK rule. 

Today, BJP under Annamalai has occupied the strong position in opposing DMK alphabet by alphabet both politically, ideologically and also though exemplary leadership style that can be equated with the leaders of the past like MGR, Jayalalithaa, Anna etc.

The parliamentary election of 2024, EPS and AIADMK desperately need the initial and introduction of Modiji otherwise the party would disappear from Tamil Nadu politics. EPS must realize the bitter truth that AIADMK is at the mercy of BJP and Modiji and not the other way. If PMK and other smaller political parties in Tamil Nadu come to an agreement with BJP that they all would contest next assembly election as well and would form a coalition government, both DMK and AIADMK can be kept away from power.

But all these parties must agree to put their heart and soul into the forthcoming election in 2024, must secure huge vote share and must focus to weaken AIADMK in all possible way.  EPS has decided to write the epitaph of AIADMK which is a good sign. 

The day is not far away, like how all those AIADMK leaders used to crawl and creep at the feet of Jayalalithaa and Sasikala for power and position, the state would witness the same scene where many AIADMK leaders may fall at the feet of Annamalai for power and position.     

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