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UPA 2 days of DMK and Annamalai, the Modi of Tamil Nadu

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DMK is the ruling party of Tamil Nadu today and enjoys absolute majority of its own, but has earned humongous displeasure, disrespect and wrath of people of the state so quickly due to several allegations of all pervasive corruption, rowdy-ism, hooliganism, display of arrogance in public by several ministers of DMK government and total failure of DMK to fulfil most of the tall poll promises given to people before last assembly election. 

DMK is right to think that the party does not have a strong opposition in the state due to infights within the main opponent AIADMK and the BJP has not grown so much in the state to challenge DMK, as on today. But the rapid and rampant displeasure of people towards DMK government will certainly bring a change and will shock the arrogance of DMK in near future. BJP was nowhere in the scene in many north eastern states but came to power thanks to the good governance of Modiji and the hope and confidence he offered to North-East. 

When UPA 1 came to power, it was indeed a coalition arrangement, but it was a coalition of corruption, nepotism and power. Thanks to the entire block continued in the subsequent election, again UPA 2 came to power. The second straight win of UPA2 made every partner in the alliance feel they are invincible and therefore have no one to question or challenge. Such confidence intoxicated most of the alliance partners of UPA 2 which resulted in huge laundry of corruption charges starting from CAG implications to 2G to Aadharsh to coal allocation to commonwealth games to finally making the then Prime Minister of UPA 2 government to admit and accept everything as coalition compulsion.  

Even after entire India raising against UPA2, the congress party was in a state of denial with the conviction that no one was there challenge them and therefore congress would emerge as single largest party in the subsequent election also and all fringe political forces would support congress obviously due to the freedom they could enjoy in the UPA to engage in scams and minority appeasement. But towards the end of UPA2 regime, vast majority of Indians clearly made up their mind to throw the congress party from Indian politics and put an end dynastic political culture. 

Then came Modiji as the Prime Minister candidate of BJP led NDA. Thanks to the legacy and saga of Modiji as chief minister of Gujarat and making Gujarat as New York of India, every Indian developed new hope, confidence and joy over Modiji. But UPA2 was counting much on poll arithmetic hoping the congress would emerge as single largest party but never was willing to recognize or respect the growing anger, frustrations and displeasure of people against UPA and congress party. 

The parliamentary election of 2014 proved people of India and democracy right, elected Modiji with absolute majority. Modiji too proved the trust of people of India is not disappointed and the power in democracy is only to make the country and its people great. Modiji gave the best to India, a corruption free government and again got elected in 2019 and again going to get elected with greater majority in 2024. 

In Tamil Nadu, DMK is travelling on the exact path of UPA2 with the same political wisdom, arrogance and money power. BJP making Annamalai as state president has totally changed the political landscape of the state like how Modiji has changed the game of politics in India in 2014. Annamalai is quite sharp, data and fact driven, forthright, honest, hardworking and down to earth leader and such a charismatic leader the Tamil Nadu has not seen in the recent times and people equate the stature of Annamalai with MGR, Karunanidhi and Jayalalithaa. Neither MK Stalin nor his dynast son can ever match the political acumen of Annamalai in presenting facts, sharpness and connect to the ground. 

UPA, only after 10 years of rule got utmost hatred of people of India but DMK, in less than two years has earned wrath of people of the state. Like Modiji how he gave new hope, confidence and joy to people of India in 2014 to annihilate congress party and dynastic politics in India, Annamalai is also seen by vast majority of people of Tamil Nadu as an incarnation of Modiji to Tamil Nadu has arrived to politically eliminate DMK, the cradle of negativity, hatred and spreading disinformation politics in the state and promote rowdy-ism, dynastic rule and corruption. The poll arithmetic is not going to stay with DMK in coming days and instead the new Modi of Tamil Nadu, Annamalai is going win the heart of Tamil Nadu. 

The days of DMK politics and Drawidan model or drawidian stock etc., going irrelevant is quite near, like the great saying – “coming events cast their shadows before” and “Pride goeth before a fall”, the down fall of DMK has already began and a new Tamil Nadu is going to born under the leadership of Annamalai, the new Modi of Tamil Nadu.      

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