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Educated and resourceful: The modern day terrorism

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Lately, there appears to be a sense of perplexity in aftermath of terrorist attacks that the perpetrators were “rich and well educated” it appears unbelievable that socially and economically emancipated individuals would wilfully embark on these barbaric missions. This stupefaction stems from the myth that terrorism is the makeshift of only the illiterate and poor, which is because the phenomenon of terror is often misunderstood. To win against them requires a fundamental change in how we define and respond to terrorism.


Many global influencers and pseudo seculars like Malala tried to whitewash terrorists saying terrorism is caused due to poverty and illiteracy trying to blame society for their barbaric doings.

But is terrorism really due to these said reasons? no, let’s have a look into the most notorious terrorists we have ever known and their educational background. The key conspirator of the 9/11 twin towers attack BIN Laden – a civil engineer, Yasin Bhaktal – an engineer, Mohammad Asghar – a software engineer, Hafeez Sayeed- dual master’s degree, Yaqub Memon- C.S . In Rajasthan, 12 SIMI terrorists who were apprehended were all engineering students and very recently a man who tried to enter GorakNath temple with a sickle and injured two cops and security is an IIT’an.

These pseudo secularists will always be emerging for supporting these criminals in one way or the other. They say that terrorism is due to poverty and illiteracy, if it is proved otherwise, then comes the victim card. For it is their age or gender, if not, it is the father being a school headmaster, or the terrorist himself will be mentally unstable. How far do they go to save these terrorists? and for what? Providing them legal help with our hard-earned money, at cost of our lives?

news article about a recent terror attack

While addressing the Vishwa Bharati convocation ceremony, the PM said “Many people who are spreading terror & violence across the world are highly educated and highly skilled. It’s not about ideology but the mindset,”.

The new crop of attackers has taken a high intelligence quotient and resources to the frontline. Not only will they be better educated and resourced in their origins, but also be more resourceful in their lethality. The local elements in terror folds operate like gangs with no centrally organized hierarchy or command structures, hence, terror hubs like Pakistan play a key role in coordinating and organizing them.

The challenge lies in handling them effectively through the legal instruments of the State. Studies across the world have revealed that a robust legal framework involving effective prosecution of these entities can scale down terror activities and win the trust of society. Implementation of NRC and CAA across the country effectively can also immensely help in this field. The govt should ensure hunting down not only terrorists but also the sources which lure and recruit the youth into these terrorist organisations .

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