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Why the new anti-BJP front might meet the same fate as the old one

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KCR starting the third front has made the news, meeting all the prominent political leaders from different states in recent days. But how triumphant is it? Does it make them a winning alliance or just strange bedfellows? Here is an opinion from D.Narsimha, a political analyst from Telangana.

“KCR aims at becoming the tallest opposition leader and the sure-shot way of being noticed as a feasible contender ahead of the next general election and easy way is by targeting PM Modi himself. KCR will contest elections from Telangana in 2023. When In 2018, he managed to increase his party score to 88 (out of 117), the Congress, was the main Opposition in Telangana, but the current situation shows the rise of the BJP which is aggressively trying to grow. And to keep the BJP in check, he sees no other option but to attack the BJP party and Prime Minister Modi. However, these might not be a very well-to-do attempt on his side.”


“This is not the first time the opposition had tried to conjoin forces to take down the BJP party. Earlier in 2019 too, these leaders had come together (to take on the BJP) ahead of the Lok Sabha Polls. However, it was an utter failure. Such experiments had been done in the past in several states but there was no effect.

To defeat Modi, an idea or joint show of hands isn’t enough, A face is needed. Who can be the presumptive nominee that can stand as a front runner in the alliance, will be a million-dollar question. Each person thinks that they are the only worthy person to be in the spotlight running for the PM seat. who do you think will be selected? Didi? KCR? Thackrey? Who knows?.

Congress party in Telangana already started slamming KCR after his meet with NCP, saying he cannot be trusted. Mamata Banerjee says she doesn’t want congress in the alliance, among all the flip-flopping of different parties, It is very unlikely that an alliance like this is gonna win. But, for a second, let’s assume it wins. The question of who is gonna be the PM will create a conflict that leads to its dismantling before it even starts. This idea of an alliance is just out of the fear of losing in their turf, an attempt to divert the negativity of the people on their party. In this process, KCR has gone a little too far asking for proof of surgical strikes and saying that INC ex-Youth leader Rahul Gandhi did nothing wrong by asking for the proof.

Some say this is KCR’s vision for a new India, some say this is his plan to save his party in his state, whatever it may be, there are early signs that it might make him lose votes in the state. Whether BJP wins or not, the next elections in Telangana are going to be exciting,” Says the analyst.

source: one on one interview.

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