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Shiva-Shakti Adhyatmika and its war against missionary conversion

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Siva-shakti is an organization that is Inspired by the Spiritual work of Great Shankara, Ramanuja and Swami Vivekananda, a group of 30 people founded Shiva-Shakti Adhyatmika Chaithanya Vedika on 31st August 2015. Shiva Shakti is an organization of young people who support the tolerance and friendship of peace-loving Hindus. It is the brainchild of a man named Karunakar Sugguna.


Karunakar Sugguna was born and raised in a christian family in a village named Sugguna Lanka, Guntur dist. He was a christian until he was 18 and was a regular to church. When he was asked why he took gharwapsi, “Because I really read the bible, I know what’s in it” said Karunakar Sugguna. Later his whole family converted back to Hinduism eventually.

Karunakar Sugguna at opening ceremony of Shiva Shakti.

“I faced many problems by the evil that is hiding behind the mask of so-called peaceful “love thy neighbor” religion. The extortion, deceitful manipulation, blackmail, and hate I’ve faced is indescribable,” says Karunakar Sugguna.


KS first started posting about the horrors he’s been through, on Facebook. Later the posts got much attention and this is when pastors roped in, little did they know he is going to be their worst nightmare. A widely known pastor named VK challenged him to debate on the bible and the allegations he made. The result being, an undisputed win for KS. This is when most of the people knew about him and started following him which later lead to the foundation of the Shiva-Shakti organization in Hyderabad, creating impact and having members in both the Telugu states. “This is why we call VK our brand ambassador because he gave us a little push,” says KS(laughing).

pic: from shiva shakti official website

Later through Shiva-Shakti he participated and won in many debates with highly reputed missionary institutions like BOUI and christ Gospel. His team has been doing a tremendous job online (youtube/FB/Twitter) as well on-ground which has rescued scores of poor unfortunate souls through social work. Shiva-Shakti published a couple of books one named ‘other side of Jesus’ which debunks the agenda behind the missionaries. Now after almost 5 years, the Shiva-Shakti organization is expanding its wings all over India in a few days. many tried to stop this, but the believers of sanathan dharma also believed in shiva-shakti and gave them huge support which finally won him the battle.

“It is painful to see the sacred land of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna infested with the illegal missionary engaged in illicit conversion Business trying to lure, deceit, and threaten ordinary Hindu had been going on unchecked. The tribal and weaker section of society thus became too vulnerable. The missionary school, missionary hospital gradually grew into a distasteful hub for the activity of this conversion mafia. Maligning Hindu deities, mocking at Hindu festivals and deceitfully copying Hindu tradition by these evangelists have been an ugly sight. they are doing this because nobody has been able to ask them questions about the ugliness in their books, we are the organization that is working towards it, nowadays people are becoming aware and started asking questions, this has become a nightmare for the missionaries” says KS.

As part of this goal, Shiva-Shakti conducts open forums in the presence of the people to inform the people about the false propaganda on the spiritual scriptures and the truth contained in all the religious scriptures and to motivate the people to trust and believe in Sanatan scripture. Apart from these, Shiva Shakti is spreading the word about the generosity of the Sanatan religion on social media and also conducting service programs during the festivals to create awareness among the devotees through pamphlets in the temples.Shiva Shakti has also put in place a system to address the problems faced by Hinduism at the field level to carry out the above programs more extensively. many people are coming back to their mother religion by the impact created by this platform.

When asked about secularism, KS says” I don’t mind them worshiping their God, but when they say my god is fake and our culture is barbaric, that is when I wage a war. I am secular, but if they say they are Christian, then I will say that I am a Hindu. I request Everyone to join hands with Shiva-Shakti to save and embrace our Sananthana dharma”.

Source: Shiva-Shakti foundation official.

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