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Those who blocked the motorcade of PM held the dagger at Indian Democracy

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The recent events in Punjab where there were security lapses and leaks of PM’s itinerary by the congress-run state government is an attack on Indian democracy. This is a present and clear danger to all Indians. The response to this attack must be swift with no judiciary intervention during the inquiry and investigation phase.

The people who believe in maintaining Indian democracy must rally organized in each city to protest against political nexus to harm the Prime Minister or curtail his fundamental right of free speech to address a planned gathering.

The culprits who organized that should be brought to book. The Supreme court has already opined that the use or blocking of public properties like national or public highways should not be permitted. It is the state’s responsibility or local authorities to ensure that this judgment is implemented. If this is allowed to happen then it sets a bad precedent for the future. Any future Prime Minister’s security can be breached. India has already experienced two assassinations of presiding Prime Ministers. This is a game of chickens, and it should be stopped at all costs.

Just like someone said “They want him dead, but he wants them alive, so they can see their failures”. The history of him has shown that he emerges as a much stronger and popular man and that is the future of his country.

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