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Empowering voters to make informed choices beyond partisan affiliations

Voters need access to tools and resources that promote independent thought and well-informed decision-making to confound this issue.

लोकतंत्र के मंदिरों को अपवित्र करते अपराधी तत्व

1947 मे छद्म शांति के लिये देश विभाजन रूपी भारी मूल्य चुकाने का आत्मघाती निर्णय तुष्टीकरण की नीति का कुपरिणाम था यह नीति आज़ादी के अनंतर भी कायम रही। आज शासन के लिये इस नीति से मुक्त हो इतिहास की भूलों से सबक लेना, अपनी संवेधानिक शक्तियों के दृढ़ता पूर्वक प्रयोग द्वारा असामाजिक तत्वों को निर्मूल कर लोकतंत्र के मंदिरों मे इनका प्रवेश निषेध करना अत्यावश्यक है।

Wrecking the Royals

Removing the Royals proved disastrous for India's collective conscience as they played a major role in society.

How red voracity will be used and thrown in West: The Communism of errors

The red revolution which fought against the dynasties and dictatorship now has the same visage. 

Congress claims its President elections are ‘democratic in nature’: Are they and will Congress repeat history

Democracy means the government of the people, for the people, and by the people and one of its primary aims is the respect of individuals and idolising of none

The case for the Presidential System – But for heaven sake not the US style Presidential System

In this opinion piece there are arguments for why to pick the Presidential System, however not the US style Presidential System. What worried me, were some comments made by

UP Polls 2022- An open letter to the Chief Election Commissioner

EC's actions against errant political parties have mostly been benign and superficial like issue of show cause notices, warning, stay over one or two rallies or banning a leader from taking part in meetings for few days.

Those who blocked the motorcade of PM held the dagger at Indian Democracy

The people who believe in maintaining Indian democracy must rally organized in each city to protest against political nexus to harm the Prime Minister or curtail his fundamental right of free speech to address a planned gathering.

Citizens in democracy should have a Right to say No: Here is what for

We need to make our citizens free to make choices without repercussion. We need our citizens to arm with the right to say NO to things that are contrary to their moral standings, their Dharma.

Voters, thought-slavery and Indian political space

Thought-slaves exist in all parties; and are sometimes called ‘sicular’ sometimes ‘bhakt’, ‘IT gang’, at times ‘Lutyens’, ‘Khan market Gang’ and so on.

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