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Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas

पसमांदा मुसलमानो के लिए मसीहा बने नमो

पसमांदा मुसलमानो की जनसंख्या अधिक होने के पश्चात भी इनका दुर्भाग्य है कि, इन पर १५-२०% की जनसंख्या वाले अशराफ मुसलमानो ने अपना प्रभुत्व बनाये रखा और खुद तो कांग्रेस के मुसलिम तुष्टिकरण की निति का लाभ उठाकर सत्ता और शक्ति की मलाई खाते रहे पर पसमांदा मुसलमानो के मुलभुत विकास पर भी ध्यान नहीं दिया।

Why is Narendra Modi a unique Prime Minister of India?

The most impact Modi and his policies have brought in is in the military and external affairs. Never had India been so much respected on the world stage before.

Good governance week: Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s aspirations in endurance with Shri Narendra Modi’s Executions

Here we would discuss how Vajpayee ji’s ideas, aspirations and intentions are  been carried forward by Shri. Narendra  Modi ji. Vajpayee ji  believed in the three principles for good governance.

7 years of Modi: Modi may not be perfect but his critics continue to fantasize in their imperfection

This is a much more transparent government than any other, and the government under Modi has probably done the most for poor people and inclusive development.

Comparing Chopper deals between eras of ‘bribe factory’ to ‘the Chowkidar PM’

With India shedding away its Italian connections, Bofors to AgustaWestland are chapters of history, today the nation spends her tax-payers money in giving her armed forces the equipment they desperately need for a looming threat of two front war.

Ranjan Gogoi appointment and blame-game by the opposition

The former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India, Shri Ranjan Gogoi has been appointed to the upper house by the current government must...

Power of sacrifice – support Super star Rajinikanth and save TN

Money and muscle power alone dominates in Tamil Nadu politics today and not ideology or peoples welfare.

Support PM Modi to save India from ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing’ politics

The anti-Indian elements tries to demean the great mission of Modi as religious partial-ism and anti-minority politics.

Mann Ki Baat, a powerful and unique communication tool

This initiative has led people all around the country to get a sense of involvement in the country's development, as the honorable PM touches upon various aspects of life in his radio show aired every month.

Marriage for dowry bound to gift sour honeymoon – DMK, Congress alliance in TN

The real strength of DMK today is congress, VCK, left and other alliance partners and without the alliance, DMK at best can only see day dream of coming to power.

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