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Ranjan Gogoi appointment and blame-game by the opposition

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The former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India, Shri Ranjan Gogoi has been appointed to the upper house by the current government must be seen apolitical and impartial stand. But the political parties that promote dynastic culture, nepotism, corruption and minority appeasement are extremely restless over the appointment of Ranjan Gogoi to upper house and all those tukde tukde gangs have gone to an extent of calling the said appointment as undermining the constitution of India.

The upper house is constituted by the members who are not elected directly by people. The elected representatives of the state elect the members to the upper house. If we look at the spirit of bio-data requirement of members of upper house, it is expected that the members of the upper house must exhibit wisdom, experience, merit, honesty and also they must conduct in Rajya Sabha apolitically. Every decision of the cabinet, the upper house must guide and modify if necessary and accordingly the upper house must ensure smooth functioning of the elected government.

But in the recent times, we have seen more disruptions and negativism in upper house. When people decides to elect a government with thumping majority due to its corruption free governance and sab ka vikas agenda, such government is expected to have its way in parliament. But the unelected members by people in upper house could not tolerate the wholehearted support of people to the government that they have elected. Such intolerance and annoyance of some of the members of the upper house has made them to behave like street politicians, engage in disruptions of the upper house session, delay legislations and play politics over national interest.

The only remedy for the above politics of ruin and destruction by the power of the unelected members by people of India, the upper house needs to be filled with honest, wise, experienced members who are apolitical. If such members come with vast experience and understanding naturally such members can contribute a lot to the country. Indian need experienced, honest, experts in various fields in upper house and not the representatives various political parties. If the upper house is dominated by political interest, despite people having elected a popular government, still things may go difficult because due to political interest and prejudice, most of the initiatives of such people’s government would suffer. 

The appointment of Ranjan Gogoi to the upper house is remarkable and most memorable stand taken by Modi govt. Ranjan Gogoi enjoys impeccable integrity, come with vast experience and wisdom. Further Ranjan Gogoi is also apolitical and he has delivered his services as former Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India impartially and in letter and spirit of law and constitution of our country. 

Modiji always give importance to merit, actions free from politics and the governance strictly towards sab ka vikas and corruption free. The appointment of Ranjan Gogoi has rattled most of the political parties that promote dynastic culture, nepotism, corruption and minority appeasement because they are largely worried by the above move due to the obvious fact that most of the Indian intellectuals and those who wish for new India are joining hands with PM Modi and quite contrary to that those who buttresses the congress party and other political forces that promote dynastic culture and corruption are mostly anti-Modi sloganeers and meritless sycophants.

PM Modi has already won the heart and mind of millions and millions of people in India and now most of the intellectual luminaries are also joining with Modi to make India a great land. 

People of India must reaffirm their faith in Modi and must pledge their unconditional support to Modi to make India a great land. Not just by defeating those political forces that promote dynastic culture is enough, must decompose all those political forces and must be kept as fossil in political museum of India to show to the future generation how rotten were all those political forces to India.

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