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Power of sacrifice – support Super star Rajinikanth and save TN

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The recent press briefing of super star Rajinikanth was although quite clear and unambiguous to all those yawning for a change in Tamil Nadu and wants to defeat DMK in the coming assembly election, some political parties that wants the statuesque to continue rants to stir confusion over his briefing by cherry picking some statements or expressions of the press briefing and placing them in out of context. The above attempt is cleaver one to cover up own fear of defeat and to cause confusion over the entry of super star into Tamil Nadu politics.

Super star never want to engage in political campaign like DMK or other political parties by attacking the opponents, spreading lies and hatred, abuse Brahmins, ridicule Hindu Gods and Hindu religion etc. Instead Rajinikanth wants people to take deep breath and think whether they want a change in the state and if so what they should do. 

A tiny drop of water cannot make ocean to happen and the ocean can happen only when several drops of water comes together and become a mass. Similarly Rajinikanth as a single individual cannot bring any change in the state unless and until people of the state really feel and yawn for such change and support super star. 

Super star does not want to speak anything bad about DMK or other political parties in the state because everyone who lives in Tamil Nadu knows well how the state has been ruined by the dynastic politics of DMK, corruption, hate and fear mongering rhetoric. 

Money and muscle power alone dominates in Tamil Nadu politics today and not ideology or peoples welfare. Therefore people should know they should defeat DMK first and only then the state can be saved. 

Super star Rajinikanth does not simply believe in just defeating DMK and occupy the space of DMK. Such political arrangements would be nothing but continuation of the same rotten politics like old wine in new bottle. 

Rajinikanth wants to offer a total and complete change in governance and the way the system works in the state. Such reform is possible only when people overpower their personal or political ambition and sacrifice their desire for position and submit voluntarily and selflessly to serve the nation and people. 

It is not just self-sacrifice and social service are alone needed but a saintly approach and total dedication is also must and only then the state can be saved from dynastic, corrupt, family centric politics. If people are not willing for such sacrifice, it cannot be saved forever in future. 

Super star shows the path not as a pointer but as a leading light and he is willing to walk along with us until we reach the destination safely and at the same time the super star Rajinikanth does not want any power or position.

Who on earth would show courage and conviction to say that they do not want power and position but still are ready to work for the state and reform the system. 

Gandhi said it post-independence and now the super star Rajnikanth also has said it. PM Narendra Modi showed the same courage to say he is but Pradhan Sevak, Chowkidar but the unwise dynast ridiculed the sincerity of Modi and got defeated but still the dynast is chanting nothing but only anti-Modi rhetoric like how Ravan and Kamsa had hated even the word- Vishnu, Lord Ram and Lord Krishna. 

Look at the political culture of DMK. After Karunanidhi, Stalin has become the president of the party and then it would be his son. Similarly many of the prominent leaders in DMK want only their children to become party candidates for several posts and not the ordinary cadres. The power and money must be controlled and shared only within the family. But here comes a man– super star says I do not need power and position but still willing to work tirelessly for the state and asking to people who does not aspire power and position to join his mission.   

Looks like, this is the last and only chance left before people of Tamil Nadu to save the state from DMK politics. If people miss this chance, not only rest of their life, their next and next to next generations also would be doomed by corrupt, dynastic politics. 

Jai Hind

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