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Support PM Modi to save India from ‘Wolf in sheep’s clothing’ politics

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The recent Delhi riot and many other lynching incidents and other sporadic religion linked clashes in the past largely reveals one truth that most of those incidents were sponsored by several anti-Indians but they came to the stage as ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’.

It means the victims are mostly caricatured as from minority community and the villain is always from majority community. But ironically both the victim and villain in most incidents were from same community and most of such incidents were either due to personal enmity or were ignited by some politicians to malign India and PM Modi.

The damage those wolves in sheep’s clothing are causing does not limit to Modi or India alone but they are targeting our ancient tradition called Hinduism and the ardent followers of such great tradition called Hindus.

Indians must realize that it is not just Hindus alone follow Hinduism; all Indians irrespective of their religion or practice follow Hinduism in some form or other. All Indians are born with Hinduism and Hindutwa spirit and only later they moved towards other faith systems. In fact Hinduism accepts even those who follow other religious practices also to be passive or active followers of Hinduism.

To be born in India is not just an accident but it is the outcome of several penances in the past births and that his how Hindu tradition describes every Indian. The very birth of a person in India automatically makes him or her great like how the sea shore wind embrace us to cool feel or how the hill station would dip us in chill and shiver.

The very identity of India is our tradition, culture and civilization called Hinduism. Hinduism is not limited to certain religious practices of Hindus but Hinduism is all about humanity, tolerance, peace, love, duty and responsibility, spiritual essence in our everyday life, diversity, acceptance, dissent, appreciation and criticism etc.


Lord Krishna and Lord Ram stood as living testament for the value systems of Hinduism. When India was attacked politically by abusing our culture, coining Hindu terror term to defame Hinduism by congress party of the dynast, minority appeasement and bringing religious division, PM Modi emerged like the eleventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu to save India from all those evil forces. 

Saving India does not mean just providing drinking water facility, sanitation facility, cooking gas facility, electrification, direct transfer of government aids, employment opportunities alone but the ultimate mission of saving India lies in saving and promoting the great culture of India called Hinduism. What makes India unique, great, exemplary and uncommon from the rest of the world is its sacred, living culture called Hinduism. Hinduism does not have barriers, boundaries, doctrines, dos and don’ts, a leader to guide and claim ownership of Hinduism etc.

The eternal fabric of humanity in India, i.e., love and harmony will be destroyed permanently if Hinduism, the essence and soul of India is attacked.  Hinduism can be attacked and maligned only by attacking Hindus, the followers of some of essentials of Hinduism. The tukde tukde gangs want to make Hindus and Hinduism are one and the same so that Hindus can be defamed by sponsoring some antisocial activities and those involved in many such incidents are if apparently make to look like Hindus to the public view, the blame would go to Hindus.


The wolves (the antisocial elements and anti-Indian elements) more often come to the stage in sheep’s clothing and that is how they are sabotaging our great tradition.

Soft-Hindutwa modus operandi is also being adopted by some political parties.

Like pseudo-secularists, half-Hindutwa followers or soft Hindutwa actors are also very dangerous. Modi and Amit Shah are promoting not Hindu religion but only the essence of Hinduism such as love, universal brotherhood, harmony, tolerance, unity in diversity, sab ka vikas etc. But the anti-Indian elements tries to demean the great mission of Modi as religious partial-ism and anti-minority politics.

The minority community must realize that they have been protected and promoted only by the cultural heritage of India called Hinduism and therefore they are also as dutiful and responsible as Hindus in protecting and promoting the cultural heritage of India called Hinduism. Minority community should be the first group of people must come forward and pledge their unconditional support to PM Modi and Amit Shah to save India and its religious plurality.

Jai Hind.

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