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Marriage for dowry bound to gift sour honeymoon – DMK, Congress alliance in TN

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The bitterness between congress and DMK has gathered more steam and momentum recently after the cross voting in local body election where the congress party has defeated DMK candidate and supported AIADMK.

It is well known that DMK cannot come to power without the help of congress party in Tamil Nadu. Although congress party does not have great vote share in the state but minority polarization is more towards congress than to DMK and hence DMK will be the natural beneficiary of congress alliance.

Since the existence of DMK today is happening purely due to its cadre base than due to the present leadership, people are very doubtful of DMK’s ability to run the state. Further the dynastic coterie of DMK has alienated the real leaders in DMK and now the DMK has reduced to a club of several families around one family.

The real strength of DMK today is congress, VCK, left and other alliance partners and without the alliance, DMK at best can only see day dream of coming to power. In this political scenario, all the alliance parties also have lots of stakes. If they miss the chance, all those political forces would reduce to 11th player in the match or a mere spectator in Tamil Nadu politics. Therefore VCK, congress etc., are likely to ask for power sharing in the state and DMK has to agree to the terms and conditions of congress party and VCK, otherwise must be prepared to forgo its prospects to come to power.

Rotational chief minister arrangement, all the alliance parties of DMK may insist and smartly the congress party also may limit DMK to contest only minimum number of seats so that DMK can rule the state only with the support of the alliance parties. Only then the alliance parties can limit the freedom and independence of DMK in the state. People are sick and tired of DMK and have started to see the governance of EPS as good and development centric. Even those who may vote against AIADMK are looking for an alternative to DMK and the general perception is that DMK is not the natural beneficiary of anti-AIADMK votes. The percentage of people who do not want DMK is much higher than those who dislike AIADMK in the state.

If we look at the marriage of DMK with congress from the days of UPA 1 and 2, it is clear that the marriage had occurred only due to hefty dowry in the form of cabinet berths, freedom and opportunity for various scams; the best example being 2G allegation and again in 2019, the dowry DMK got from the marriage with congress was minority vote.

Since the marriage was focused majorly on profit and the profit alone was the rider of the relationship, such relationship is bound to break when there is no profit. Naturally such marriage is bound to gift sour honeymoon.

What the DMK and congress are experiencing today is nothing but sour relationship because neither of them had profited anything from each other in from the recently held local body election. In fact, the cross voting by both DMK and congress had helped AIADMK win in several places.

Before even DMK started to treat the congress party as its junior partner, congress appears to have outsmarted the DMK and started to give sleepless nights to DMK. Today the congress can not only ensure the defeat of DMK but also can facilitate the decomposition of the DMK in Tamil Nadu.

In 2021 if DMK fails to form government in the state that is going to be the end of DMK. 2021 is the last chance of DMK and if people remain together and defeat DMK, the state can be permanently saved from DMK, many feels.

To save the state from further ruining by the dynastic and family centric politics and DMK fooling the people in the name of Dravidian ideology, Super Star Rajnikanth must enter the political framework of the state.

Whatever is the reality, the state must be first saved from the family politics and only then further development programmes of the state can be achieved. Between EPS and DMK, EPS ranks much above DMK chief and EPS is seen as the re-incarnation of late MGR and Amma.

When Super Star enters the scene, naturally the Super Star will be first and only choice because he is the best, honest and committed and the Super Star alone can save the state from negativity and hate politics. Certainly Super Star shares most of the values and beliefs PM Modi and in simple expression, Super Star will be Modi of Tamil Nadu with reference honesty, sab ka vikas and corruption free governance.

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