Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Diganta Chakraborty

West Bengal based writer and columnist. Author of 'Manishi Gatha', 'Jeman Chhilo Amar Desh Bharatbarsha'& 'Prabandha Chaynika' . Jagran Josh Awardee'23

‘Ek Desh, Ek kanun’, must be implemented in India

in a secular state, is it not a violation of the Constitution to have religious laws in place, to give special privileges to any one community?

Demonetisation is the right decision against militancy and corruption

If we analyze deeply, we will see that India's demonetisation in 2016 is a major reason for Pakistan's economic woes today.

Is West Bengal now ruled by criminals?

Just a few months ago we witnessed horrible incidents like Haridebpur, Baguihati, Jangipara and now we are witnessing the incidents of Kaliaganj and Kaliachak.

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