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Is West Bengal now ruled by criminals?

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Diganta Chakraborty
Diganta Chakraborty
West Bengal based writer and columnist. Author of 'Manishi Gatha', 'Jeman Chhilo Amar Desh Bharatbarsha'& 'Prabandha Chaynika' . Jagran Josh Awardee'23

‌The people of Bengal are facing back to back unpleasant incident like rape and murder. Just a few months ago we witnessed horrible incidents like Haridebpur, Baguihati, Jangipara and now we are witnessing the incidents of Kaliaganj and Kaliachak. I’m not only shocked to know about this incident but also scared. What kind of state are we living in? Why are all such shocking incidents occurring when the chief minister of the state is a woman?

The incident took place in Sahebghata area of Kaliaganj police station in Dinajpur district. A minor girl of class 12 student, was raped and murdered. One such incident after another is happening in West Bengal but state administration is totally silent. When will the administration be aware? How many other mothers will lose their daughters like this?

Does the administration have any answer? The police are not taking any strict action against these incidents. Instead of punishing those criminals police are trying to portray these incidents as suicide case. Why are they continuously trying to hide those criminals For whom the mothers and sisters of West Bengal are scared today. On the one hand, the police administration is unable to deliver any justice to those victims and on the other hand we witnessed their inhumane behaviour.

In the Kaliaganj incident, we have seen the girl who was raped being dragged away by the police. The inhumane act of police has hurt not only the people of Bengal but also the people of all over India. All those people, who have humanity in them. The entire state is shocked by this incident. This incident showed us where the respect of women stands in West Bengal today. At the same time, the question arises, is there rule of law in West Bengal?

When the people of the state are shocked by the heinous incident in Kaliaganj, on the other hand another such incident has happened in Kaliachak. Another girl was gang-raped and murdered. People are protesting, but those dirty-minded people are still doing their brutal work. And why would they stop ! If someone commits a crime but there is no strict punishment, why they would be feared? Without taking strict action against such crimes means , in other words they are being encouraged to do these incidents.

If we turn the pages of history, we see Rani Laxmibai, Rani Padmavati and many other great women. At that time, there was respect for women in our society. Later, with the change of era, the role of women in the male-dominated society began to become very cheap.

All women of Bengal have a question, Who will give their protection? One incident after another is taking away one life after another, as well as tarnishing West Bengal. In this Bengal where Rabindranath was born, Swami Vivekananda was born, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose was born have now become a safe place for corrupted persons, criminals and terrorists.

The most Spellbound thing is that despite knowing everything, the administration does not do anything. Although the government knows everything, they act like ‘Gandhari in Mahabharat’. Because they also have to show off their good image. For this reason, instead of strict punishment, they are busy hiding these incidents. If the administration not supports people’s where they will claim their complaint? In this time this is a big question for the peoples of West Bengal.

We need to raise our voice against these incidents. Along with exemplary punishment for the guilty, appropriate punishment should also be made for those whose inaction has resulted in such incidents. Because, according to Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose , it is also kind of crime to compromise with injustice or crime.

The people of West Bengal do not want to witness such incidents anymore. They want to make Bengal as ‘ Shonar Bangla’ . where women will be safe and secure. Where administration will be helpful and strict and people’s interest will be the first priority. where there will be no corruption.

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Diganta Chakraborty
Diganta Chakraborty
West Bengal based writer and columnist. Author of 'Manishi Gatha', 'Jeman Chhilo Amar Desh Bharatbarsha'& 'Prabandha Chaynika' . Jagran Josh Awardee'23
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