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‘West Bengal Day’ & minority appeasement

Hindu Bengali’s becoming secular does not make Muslim Bengali secular. Let West Bengal come to its sense and decide on 20 June as the “West Bengal Day” without any self-loathing.

The evil communists of West Bengal

The article describes a big proportion of Bengali Hindus of West Bengal.

Is West Bengal now ruled by criminals?

Just a few months ago we witnessed horrible incidents like Haridebpur, Baguihati, Jangipara and now we are witnessing the incidents of Kaliaganj and Kaliachak.

How to exploit people if you are a Trinamool Leader in West Bengal

If the constructions were illegal in the first place, how did the local Trinamool leaders charge an amount of twenty-five thousand for their settling in the first place?

2024 LS polls: Who is BJP’s main challenger?

Though BJP is on a much stronger wicket this time under PM Modis leadership, such a threat does exist and it can arise due to two cardinal factors. These are: (1) Over-reach, and, (2) Over-confidence.

SSC recruitment scam: Being a teacher, a distant dream in West Bengal

The appointment of undeserving candidates as teachers can adversely affect the education system and the future of the state.

Point of no return for West Bengal: Here is how

One may like it or not, but the fate of West Bengal is sealed

Opposition withers, whither BJP?

The country is shocked to see the way some key opposition parties are virtually melting under the heat of corruption investigations pursued by the...

शारदा घोटाले के बाद दीदी की पार्टी का शिक्षक भर्ती घोटाला

आजकल पश्चिम बंगाल में ममता दीदी के सरकार के दो बड़े नाम पूरे भारत में छाये हुए हैं, एक नाम है पार्थ चटर्जी का जो एक दो नहीं अपितु तीन तीन विभागों के मंत्री है और दूसरा नाम है अर्पिता मुखर्जी का जो बंगला फिल्मो की छोटी मोटी नायिका हैं पर पार्थ चटर्जी की खासम खास हैं।

The irresponsible celebrities and what now?

Is our country heading towards chaotic strife, between the different religions? There is some recurrence of the sense of mutual suspicion that had led to the country being partitioned, once before.

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