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How to exploit people if you are a Trinamool Leader in West Bengal

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The recent outbreak of people in Siliguri covered by team Marmikh, has turned the entire political situation of West Bengal towards a big question. Is the ruling government of West Bengal completely based on corruption only?

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How to Exploit People If You Are a Trinamool Leader in West Bengal ( Podcast)

From the primary teacher scam to the coal fraud, the list just keeps on going.

Post Demolition Pictures

But on top of that, the party now is showing a remarkable double standard when it comes to the people struggling to hold their own.

On the 18th of March, 2023, near the Himalaya Kanya Abasan area, popularly known as Sawaria Kata in the Eastern Bypass area of Siliguri, the roadside local stores were completely diminished on a 24-hour intimation.

Eastern Bypass Demolition

As team Marmikh tried to consolidate the facts, a few things were very clear from the stand-alone point:

The structures were built illegally and were bound to be removed eventually.

The locals were notified earlier in a very vague way but yes, there was a notice nonetheless.

As part of the standard construction process, the government needed to remove the construction.

As of now, whatever has happened is a remarkable point to be applauded. The government did what was right for the development of the area.

Ruins after Demolition

But there is also another side of the story. Here are a few questions that we need to ask if the destruction of the property was indeed justified:

Why only a small area was targeted while there are multiple constructions left aside? At the beginning of the road, there is a party office of the AITMC, isn’t that an illegal construction? Can the government assure the fact that the multi-story constructions in the area are not illegal as well?

If the constructions were illegal in the first place, how did the local Trinamool leaders charge an amount of twenty-five thousand for their settling in the first place?

Siliguri Stores Demolition Near Eastern Bypass | Marmikh | March 2023

In the end, I have one more question to ask. The constitution says that every citizen has equal rights. If so, the link that I am sharing below compensates to what point?


Finally, thank you for reading. Team Marmikh is just trying to neutralize social and political injustice. We want your support to make this reach as much as possible so that unbiased news and media start emerging once again in this glorious country, Bharat.

Team Marmikh

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